Paul Pogba Transfer News (Pogba to Juventus Deal, New Salary, Transfer Fee, Contract Details)

Manchester United flop Paul Pogba is set to sign for his new club. Paul Pogba’s next club will be none other than his previous home Juventus. The French midfielder is at the finishing of his 2nd spell with United and is on the verge of starting his 2nd spell for the Old Lady of Turin. Find out Paul Pogba Transfer News along with the transfer details, Paul Pogba’s salary, transfer fee, the pay cut amount, contract length, and more. Also, see what Fabrizio Romano says about the Pogba transfer to Juventus. Top 10 Highest-Paid Footballers 2022-23 (Weekly, Yearly Salary).

Paul Pogba Transfer News (Pogba to Juventus Deal)

See Paul Pogba transfer news confirmation, next club, new wage fee, contract length, and stats.

Paul Pogba Transfer News Details:

Next Club Juventus
Departing Club Manchester United
Transfer Fee €0, Free Transfer
Probable Joining Date Beginning of July
New Salary 130k GBP per Week
Previous Salary 290k GBP per Week
Pay Cut 160k GBP per Week (55%)
Contract Length 4 Years
New Contract Expiry Date June 30th, 2026
Current Market Value 48 Million Euros
Transfer Possibility 89%
Other Clubs in Race PSG, Real Madrid
Stats for Man Utd 232 Appearances, 39 Goals, 51 Assists
Stats for Juventus 178 Appearances, 34 Goals, 40 Assists
Pogba Transfer News
Fabrizio Romano on Pogba Transfer

Paul Pogba Transfer Scenario/Situation:

No doubt he has been one of the most talented midfielders of the generation but not for the Red Devils. Pogba has shown his caliber in the French jersey as well as for Juve. But he has just been a shadow of his own in England. He first joined United at the age of 16 and had his progression there. In that sense, he is a product of the Man Utd academy. Despite having tremendous talent he was neglected in Sir Alex Ferguson’s United. His inaugural spell with United finished after single-digit appearances for the Red Devils. In 2012, the midfielder signed for Italian champions Juventus. He passed a fantastic phase of 4 seasons at the Allianz Stadium. Pogba helped Juve to win 4 Scudettos and also featured in the UCL Final in 2015.

However, his tremendous run of form once again brought him back to the Old Trafford, this time in the post-Ferguson era. During this period at OT, he clinched the World Cup and UEFA Nations League with France. But the footballing luck was not meant for him at the United. In a 6-years-long 2nd spell he won the FA Cup and the UEFA Europa League for United. But more than that, individually, he was just a mere shadow of himself. With his contract hitting the deadline (which expires on June 30th, 2022), it was just a matter of time for the Frenchman to leave the Old Trafford.

Pogba Next Club:

Paul Pogba’s new club will be Serie A giant Juventus. According to reliable sources, Pogba to Juventus deal is done and will be announced in July. However, no official news has come out yet and his contract still has a few days left. But with those reliable sources assuring and considering his current situation in Manchester, we can pretty much confirm that Pogba is heading back to his old home once again. So, it means, just like United, Pogba will have his 2nd spell at Juve as well.

Paul Pogba New Salary:

Pogba was one of the world’s top 10 earners at United with a whopping 290k GBP wage fee per week which is approximately 350k US Dollars in each 7-days. Before the tax, the 520k US Dollars wage fee set him as the 6th highest-paid footballer in 2022 but he’s definitely gonna be out of the top 30 this time. As Paul Pogba’s new salary will be just 130k Pound for a week. It’s equivalent to just $157k in US currency. So, the new Paul Pogba annual salary will be just 6.8 million GBP which means no more than 8.2 million US Dollars. Here, we will present to you Paul Pogba’s new yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily salary at Juventus.

Salary Receiving Period at Juventus European Currency British Currency US Currency
Paul Pogba Yearly Salary 7.9 Million Euros 6.8 Million GBP 8.22 Million US Dollars
Paul Pogba Monthly Salary 646k Euros 557.14k GBP 673.5k US Dollars
Paul Pogba Weekly Salary 150k Euros 130k GBP 157k US Dollars
Paul Pogba Daily Salary 21.5k Euros 18.57k GBP 22.5k US Dollars
Paul Pogba New Salary at Juventus
Pogba Contract Expiry

Paul Pogba Pay Cut for Juventus Transfer:

Paul Pogba has to swallow a huge pay cut for his move to Juventus. His 290k GBP per week wage fee is gonna cut off by 160k Pound per week. This means the 30-years-old will have to swallow a 55% pay cut, more than half of what he used to earn in Manchester. It’s definitely a huge economic blow for the midfielder but he simply couldn’t find a better alternative. Various sources also linked him with United’s town rival Manchester City. In that case, the scenario would have been different through. Let’s take a look at Pogba’s salary comparison at Man Utd and Juventus.

Period Salary at Man Utd Salary at Juventus Pay Cut
Wage Fee Per Year 15m GBP (17.4m Euros, 18.13m USD) 6.8m GBP (7.9m Euros, 8.22m USD) 8.2m GBP (9.5m Euros, 9.9m USD)
Wage Fee Per Month 1.24m GBP (1.44m Euros, 1.38m USD) 557.14k GBP (646k Euros, 673.5k USD) 667k GBP (774k Euros, 806k USD)
Wage Fee Per Week 290k GBP (336.5k Euros, 350k USD) 130k GBP (150k Euros, 157k USD) 160k GBP (186k Euros, 193k USD)
Wage Fee Per Day 41.43k GBP (48k Euros, 50k USD) 18.57k GBP (21.5k Euros, 22.5k USD) 22.86k GBP (26.5k Euros, 27.5k USD)

So the chart shows that Pogba will take an annual pay cut of 8.2m GBP which is a tad below 10m US Dollars or equivalent to 9.5m Euros.

Pogba Transfer Fee to Juventus:

Pogba’s contract with United is set to hit the deadline on June 30th, 2022. So Man Utd bought him for a club record fee of 89 million Pound or 105 million euros (according to the thenceforth conversion rate), will not receive a single penny in his departure. Pogba is joining Juventus on a free transfer which means Paul Pogba to Juventus transfer fee will be €0 in numerical terms. It’s the 2nd time Juventus seals Pogba for free, as the Frenchman’s move to the Italian side in 2012 also didn’t cost them anything as a transfer fee

Pogba Juventus Contract Details:

Paul Pogba will sign a 4-year deal with the most successful side of Serie A. Hence, his signing will make him stay in Turin until the end of the 2025-26 campaign. So the Pogba contract expiry date at Juventus will be June 30th, 2026.

Fabrizio Romano on Paul Pogba Transfer News:

The Italian transfer news expert Fabrizio Romano opened up on the Paul Pogba transfer news to Juventus. He reveals that the Serie A giants are now “more than confident”. His social media handle also says that the Frenchman will join the Bianconeris at the beginning of July and clarifies that he has turned down the Citizens a month earlier.

Transfermarkt on Paul Pogba Transfer News to Juventus:

The popular site which is considered one of the world’s most reliable sites for footballing transfers also shows an 89% chance of Pogba’s move to Juventus. They also consider PSG and Real Madrid as his 2 other probable destinations.

Paul Pogba Stats for Juventus and Manchester United:

Pogba’s previous spell in Juve saw him appearing on 178 occasions with a goal contribution on 74 occasions including 34 strikes and 40 assists. While the midfield star has as many as 90 goals contribution for the Red Devils including 39 netting as well as 51 assists in more than 220 appearances. Karim Benzema Contract Expiry Date and Salary.

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