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T Sports, Bangladesh’s first dedicated sports channel, has revolutionized the way sports are consumed in the country. Launched with a vision to bring high-quality sports entertainment to Bangladeshi viewers, T Sports has become a household name, offering a diverse range of live sports broadcasts, exclusive content, and comprehensive coverage. This article explores the journey of T Sports, how to watch it live, its company background, coverage of cricket, football, and other sports, its digital presence, and frequently asked questions.

Company Background

T Sports, a subsidiary of the Bashundhara Group, was launched in November 2020. The Bashundhara Group, a leading conglomerate in Bangladesh, recognized the growing demand for sports content in the country and ventured into the broadcasting industry with T Sports. The channel was established to fill the void in sports broadcasting in Bangladesh, providing fans with access to live sports events, both domestic and international.

How to Watch T Sports Live

Watching T Sports live is convenient and accessible through various platforms:

  1. Television: T Sports is available on most cable and satellite TV providers in Bangladesh. Viewers can tune in to the channel directly on their television sets.
  2. Online Streaming: For those who prefer to watch on their digital devices, T Sports offers live streaming on their official website. Fans can visit the T Sports website and click on the ‘Live’ section to enjoy uninterrupted live broadcasts.
  3. Mobile App: T Sports has a dedicated mobile app available for both Android and iOS devices. The app provides live streaming, match highlights, schedules, and other sports-related content, making it a one-stop solution for sports enthusiasts on the go.
  4. YouTube: T Sports also streams live events and highlights on their official YouTube channel, allowing viewers to watch their favorite sports events from anywhere in the world.

How to Watch T Sports

What T Sports Telecasts

T Sports offers a wide array of sports content, ensuring that fans of various sports have something to look forward to. The channel’s programming includes:

  1. Cricket: As cricket is immensely popular in Bangladesh, T Sports provides extensive coverage of international and domestic cricket matches, including the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL), international tours, and ICC events.
  2. Football: Football fans can enjoy live broadcasts of both local and international football matches. T Sports covers major leagues, including the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and Bangladesh Premier League (BPL).
  3. Other Sports: T Sports also broadcasts a variety of other sports such as badminton, tennis, volleyball, and athletics. The channel aims to promote and provide exposure to a diverse range of sports in Bangladesh.
  4. Exclusive Content: Apart from live matches, T Sports produces exclusive content such as player interviews, expert analysis, documentaries, and behind-the-scenes footage, offering viewers a deeper insight into the world of sports.

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T Sports Live Cricket

Cricket holds a special place in the hearts of Bangladeshi sports fans, and T Sports has made it a priority to provide comprehensive cricket coverage. The channel broadcasts all major cricket events, including:

  1. International Matches: T Sports covers all matches played by the Bangladesh national cricket team, including Tests, ODIs, and T20Is. The channel ensures that fans do not miss any action, providing live coverage and expert commentary.
  2. Domestic Leagues: The Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) is one of the most anticipated cricket events in the country, and T Sports broadcasts all the matches live. Additionally, domestic tournaments like the National Cricket League (NCL) and Dhaka Premier Division Cricket League are also featured.
  3. ICC Events: T Sports covers major ICC events such as the Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, and Champions Trophy, bringing global cricketing action to Bangladeshi viewers.

T Sports Live Cricket

T Sports Live Football

Football is another sport that enjoys immense popularity in Bangladesh, and T Sports has made significant strides in providing extensive football coverage. Key features include:

  1. International Leagues: T Sports broadcasts top-tier international football leagues, including the English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and Bundesliga. Fans can catch their favorite teams and players in action, enjoying high-quality football from around the world.
  2. UEFA Competitions: The channel provides live coverage of UEFA competitions such as the Champions League and Europa League, ensuring that fans do not miss out on the most prestigious club tournaments in Europe.
  3. Domestic Football: T Sports also covers the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) football, giving local football fans the opportunity to watch their favorite domestic clubs compete.

T Sports Live Football

Other Games Live Streaming

T Sports is committed to promoting a wide range of sports and offers live streaming of various other games, including:

  1. Badminton: Coverage of local and international badminton tournaments, showcasing top players and exciting matches.
  2. Tennis: Live broadcasts of major tennis tournaments, including Grand Slams and ATP/WTA tours.
  3. Volleyball: Coverage of national and international volleyball events, including the FIVB World Championships and local leagues.
  4. Esports: Recognizing the growing popularity of esports, T Sports has started to include live streaming of major esports tournaments and events.

Watch T Sports Live Match

One of the standout features of T Sports Live is its comprehensive coverage of a wide array of sports. From mainstream sports like football, cricket, and basketball to niche sports like badminton, table tennis, and esports, T Sports Live ensures that fans of all genres are catered to. This extensive coverage is made possible through a network of dedicated correspondents, state-of-the-art technology, and strategic partnerships with sports leagues and organizations.

To watch a live match on T Sports, follow these steps:

  1. On Television: Tune in to the T Sports channel on your TV using your cable or satellite provider.
  2. Online: Visit the T Sports official website and navigate to the ‘Live’ section to stream the match directly on your computer or mobile device.
  3. Mobile App: Download the T Sports app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Open the app and go to the ‘Live’ section to start streaming.
  4. YouTube: Subscribe to the T Sports YouTube channel and check for live streams of ongoing matches.

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T Sports Live Cricket TV

T Sports Live Cricket TV is dedicated to providing the best cricket viewing experience for fans. Features include:

  1. High-Quality Broadcasts: T Sports offers high-definition broadcasts of all cricket matches, ensuring a crystal-clear viewing experience.
  2. Expert Commentary: The channel features commentary from seasoned cricket experts, providing insights and analysis that enhance the viewing experience.
  3. Pre and Post-Match Shows: T Sports airs pre-match build-up shows and post-match analysis, offering comprehensive coverage around each game.

T Sports Live TV App

The T Sports Live TV app is designed to make sports content accessible to viewers on the go. Key features of the app include:

  1. Live Streaming: Watch live sports events anytime, anywhere directly from your mobile device.
  2. Match Highlights: Catch up on the action with highlights of past matches.
  3. Schedules and Notifications: Stay updated with match schedules and receive notifications for upcoming games.
  4. Exclusive Content: Access exclusive interviews, analysis, and behind-the-scenes footage.

T Sports HD Live

T Sports HD Live

T Sports HD Live ensures that viewers enjoy the highest quality broadcasts with enhanced picture and sound. The HD service is available on:

  1. Television: Provided you have an HD-compatible TV and service from your cable or satellite provider.
  2. Online Streaming: The T Sports website and app support HD streaming for a superior viewing experience.

T Sports Live BD

T Sports Live goes beyond traditional broadcasting by offering exclusive content and original programming. This includes behind-the-scenes footage, player interviews, expert analysis, and documentary-style features that provide deeper insights into the world of sports. By offering content that cannot be found elsewhere, T Sports Live has successfully differentiated itself from competitors and attracted a loyal subscriber base.

T Sports Live BD is a dedicated section for Bangladeshi sports content, focusing on:

  1. Local Leagues and Tournaments: Extensive coverage of domestic sports leagues and tournaments.
  2. National Teams: Live broadcasts of matches involving Bangladeshi national teams across various sports.
  3. Grassroots Sports: Coverage of grassroots sports events to promote local talent and sports development.


  1. How can I watch T Sports live?
    • You can watch T Sports live on TV, the official website, the mobile app, and their YouTube channel.
  2. Is T Sports available outside Bangladesh?
    • Yes, T Sports can be accessed internationally through online streaming on their website and YouTube channel.
  3. Does T Sports broadcast only cricket and football?
    • No, T Sports broadcasts a variety of sports including badminton, tennis, volleyball, and esports.
  4. Is there a subscription fee for T Sports?
    • T Sports is available on most cable and satellite providers in Bangladesh, typically included in your TV package. Online streaming on the website and YouTube is free, while the app may offer additional premium content.
  5. Can I watch match replays on T Sports?
    • Yes, T Sports provides match highlights and replays on their website, app, and YouTube channel.


T Sports Live has redefined sports broadcasting in Bangladesh by offering comprehensive coverage, high-quality broadcasts, and a wide range of sports content. Whether it’s cricket, football, or other sports, T Sports ensures that fans have access to their favorite events live and on-demand. With its commitment to innovation and viewer engagement, T Sports continues to set new standards in the industry, making sports accessible and enjoyable for all. As the channel expands its reach and enhances its offerings, it is poised to remain the premier destination for sports entertainment in Bangladesh.

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