Goonew Cause of Death. (Autopsy Report) How Did He Die?

Goonew cause of death is one of the most shocking news in the music industry right now. With his death, the world of hip hop has lost a gem, and his fans can’t get over the fact that he’s no more among us.

He died at a very young age and his death was shocking and unexpected to everyone in the world. Below, we’ll discuss his cause of death in detail and talk about what exactly happened. So, read the whole thing to uncover the truth.

Goonew Cause of Death

Markelle Morrow, known as Goonew, died at the age of 24. He was a rapper and he was pretty successful in his career. Even at that early age, he had thousands of fans that adored him for his tremendous work in hip hop music.

But that didn’t last long as he left the world. His fans were devastated and couldn’t get over it. His death was very tragic and he didn’t deserve to die like that. It was a great loss for the entire world his fans worldwide will miss him every day.

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How Did He Die

The death of Goonew was totally unexpected and it’s one of the most heartbreaking tragedies of this decade. He was shot during a robbery attempt by some criminals. That was confirmed by his family and he had nothing to do with this whole event.

However, there are disturbing events taking place after his death that highlighted his whole thing and made it trending on the internet. But it’s certainly true that he didn’t deserve to leave us at this young age.

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What Happened 

Goonew died at a gunshot as robbers were trying to rob a place and shot him during that event. He was badly injured after the shot and was taken to the Prince George’s County hospital. But on Friday, March 18, 2022, the same day he was shot, he was announced dead in the hospital.

However, his funeral on Sunday, April 3, 2022, was a terrible event on its own. It was held at the Bliss Nightclub in Washington D.C, where his corpse was put on a show at the nightclub. That video got viral super quick and everyone started to criticize that funeral video of Goonew.

Fellow musicians said that he deserved better than this and it was a very disrespectful act toward him. He definitely deserved a better funeral than this disturbing one that is being critisied by everyone on the internet.

Autopsy Report of Goonew Cause of Death

As Goonew died in Martch 18, 2022, his autopsy report has not been published yet. But it was clear that the cause of his death was gunshot. He was shot on the parking lot in District Heights that was done by some robbers.

After he was reused to the Prince George’s County hospital, they announced him dead there. It is pretty clear that the cause of his death was the gunshot and nothing else. However, if you want to be certain about that, you have to wait for the official autopsy report to come out. Only that can reveal the absolute truth about his cause of death.

Last Thoughts

It was a massive loss for the entire world to lose such an amazing talent at that young age. He will be forever remembered and missed by his fans.


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