Top 10 Highest-Paid Footballers 2024 (Weekly, Yearly Salary)

Football never had a shortage of fans but it has become immensely popular with the advancement of technology. Along with its popularity, investment in football also increased. Salary range and transfer sums have gone up incredibly. Soccer stars are receiving a magnificent sum of money every week. Just a few years back 20 or even 10 million a year used to be a dream for most footballers. But coming to 2022, all of the top 10 highest-paid footballers receive more than $25 million per year. Well, we’ve brought in the list of the 10 top-earning footballers in 2024-24 along with their weekly and yearly salaries. FIFA World Cup 2022 Groups Analysis.

Top 10 Highest-Paid Footballers 2024 (Weekly & Yearly Salary)

Check out the chart of the world’s top 10 highest-paid soccer stars in 2024 below.

Player Name Country Current Club Weekly Salary Yearly Salary
Kylian Mbappe France Paris Saint-Germain 1.15m US Dollars 63m US Dollars
Leo Messi Argentina Paris Saint-Germain 790k US Dollars 41m US Dollars
Neymar Brazil Paris Saint-Germain 700k US Dollars 36.5m US Dollars
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal Manchester United 690k US Dollars 36m US Dollars
Andres Iniesta Spain Vissel Kobe 600k US Dollars 31m US Dollars
Kevin De Bruyne Belgium Manchester City 540k US Dollars 28m US Dollars
Paul Pogba France Manchester United 520k US Dollars 27m US Dollars
Robert Lewandowski Poland Bayern Munich 520k US Dollars 27m US Dollars
Gareth Bale Wales Real Madrid 500k US Dollars 26m US Dollars
Eden Hazard Belgium Real Madrid 500k US Dollars 26m US Dollars

Eden Hazard:

He may be out of form and may be unable to provide goals and assists. But Eden Hazard’s pocket is not getting thinner in recent years. The Belgian is the joint 9th highest-paid footballer in the world thanks to his eye-catching Real Madrid deal. The former Blues sensation moved to the Spanish capital with plenty of dreams. The Belgian number 10 does have the privilege to wear the iconic number-7 shirt of the Blancos. But he still failed to prove himself at Santiago Bernabeu. Well, keeping the form aside, Hazard is still among the top 10 highest-paid footballers in the world in 2024. He bags $500k per week which makes his annual salary as much as $26m.

Gareth Bale:

One may call him a Madrid flop while one may remember him for his invaluable goals in the UCL finals (2014, 2018) or in the Copa Del Rey against Arch-rival FC Barcelona. Doesn’t matter how much one rates him, he is still among the top 10 highest-earners in football. Yeah, he might be on the verge of leading but still his history-making deal paying him bulky. His annual income is as same as another Madrid man Hazard, with a yearly salary of $26m.

Top 10 Highest-Paid Footballers 2022-23

Robert Lewandowski:

Lewy is perhaps on the ending phase of his Bayern career or even at the finishing part of his long-term Germany spell. Even if he leaves, no doubt he will be leaving as the German domestic competition’s one of the most legendary stars. Well, till then he will be pocketing no less than 27 million dollars per year making the annual sum around $520k.

Paul Pogba:

Another star with a possible move. Being linked with various rumors the 2018 world cup winner might be on the way to a new destination. However, as long as he stays at Old Trafford, his annual income will be $27 million per year, the 7th joint highest in the world. Pogba is one of the most decorated midfielders on the planet but nobody knows why he hasn’t been at the top of his game at the Northwest.

Kevin De Bruyne:

The 2021-22 EPL Player of the Season (POTS) award winner Kevin De Bruyne is simply one of the best midfielders in the world if not the very best. He is the talisman of the Manchester City side and perhaps the undeclared main man of Guardiola’s team. This guy is an absolute treat to watch on the field. Well, the highest-paid Man City star ranks 6th overall with an annual wage fee of $28m ($540k a week approximately).

Top 5 Highest-Paid Soccer Stars in 2024

Andres Iniesta:

This guy was born to be special. He has won multiple Euros, and UCLs along with a FIFA World Cup. Don also scored the deciding goal of the 2010 World Cup in Africa. Well, the La Masia product is a special inclusion in this list as well. He is the only footballer to make this list of Top 10 Highest-Paid Footballers despite playing outside Europe. The former Barca sensation is currently laying for J-League side Vissel Kobe but still grabbing big with an enormous annual wage fee of $31m.

Cristiano Ronaldo Salary

Cristiano Ronaldo:

With uncountable achievements, awards, titles, and goals Cristiano Ronaldo is simply one of the most iconic names in football history. The unbeatable footballer is still going gloriously at the top level even at 37. He may regret leaving Real Madrid for new challenges but his individual performance and income never got shaky. The 2021-22 season’s top scorer for United is also the highest-paid footballer in the Premier League. With an annual wage fee of 36 million US Dollars, his estimated weekly salary is $690k.


The holder of the most expensive transfer football has ever witnessed thus far, Neymar ranks 3rd among the top 10 highest-earning footballers in the world. Rumors say he will leave PSG in the forthcoming summer. But to date, he is still in the French capital earning big with a weekly wage fee of $700k making his annual earning as much as 36.5m dollars. PSG Next Coach as Zidane Turns Down says Telefoot.

Leo Messi:

It’s all PSG at the top. All 3 highest-earners in world football belong to the defending French Ligue 1 champions. Leo Messi grabs the 2nd spot among the Top 10 Highest-Paid Footballers with an annual salary of no less than 41 million in US currency. He is the world’s highest-paid athlete in 2022 and also occupied the top spot among footballers. But the new Mbappe contract put his French club-mate ahead of him. Well, the 7 times Ballon d’Or winner receives something around $790k and is currently in the 2nd position on this chart.

Highest-Paid Footballer

Who is the Highest-Paid Footballer in 2024?

It’s no other than Kylian Mbappe who tops the highest-paid footballers’ list in 2024. He stood in the joint 5th place along with Kevin De Bruyne with a yearly income of $28 million last season. But the massive deal offered by the PSG board, which convinced him to stay in the Paris-based club, handed him the deal to be the world’s highest-paid footballer. Now he will be the only player in the world to bag more than a million dollars per week. In fact, his yearly bagging will be around $1.15 million, while his annual salary will cross 63 million US Dollars. That’s an unbelievable amount of money, even for the world’s best footballer. Mbappe’s New Contract Salary in PSG.

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