Top 10 Most Biggest Cities In USA In 2024

Top Ten Largest Cities In United State Of America

Top 10 Most Biggest Cities In USA In 2024. Are you planning to visit one of the largest cities in the United States? Perhaps you are even thinking of starting a business in a different location. Or maybe you want to know some details before you spend your vacation in a city where you haven’t been before. Perhaps, you are interested to know what ticks the busy cities. Below you will find a list of the 10 most populous cities in the United States, regardless of your interest.

This does not mean that cities are the most skyscraper. This means the most populous city. And, yes, population and development often go hand in hand. Population growth and the prospect of future economic growth go hand in hand. Population growth (or decline) has been included since 2000. Also included for each city are middle age, average household income, and estimated house / condo value. This makes it easier to see which cities are the most and the least expensive.

Top 10 Most Biggest Cities In USA List

1. New York, N.Y.

They say everyone should live in New York City at least once in their life. As the largest city in the United States, New York boasts the world’s best museums, diverse cuisine, high-end fashion and culture. If you are someone who values ​​location more than space and prefers to move, then New York may be the city for you. With a subway system that runs 24/7, 365 days a year, it’s pretty easy to get out of the car, which is great news because you’ll want to save that money on other things in the city. NYC Hall Central Park, Times Square, Empire State Building, Grand Central Station and – who can forget? – Statue of Liberty. It is possible to live in New York year after year and never shake the feeling of being a tourist in your own city.

2. Los Angeles, California

If you do a Google search for “why you should move to LA” you will notice that many YouTubers are asking you why you should not move to LA. Our response? We see right through that strategy. Between pleasant weather, fantastic shopping, and an unbeatable music scene, LA is one of the largest cities in the United States for a reason. For those who love the outdoors, LA is the adventure garden of your dreams. With an enviable terrain, it is possible to go surfing and mountain skiing on a glorious weekend.

There is also plenty of great food, nightlife and plenty of places to wonder about seeing celebrities in any corner. LA is home to many Hollywood stars and professional athletes, including the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team. LA is a great place for those working in the entertainment industry, as well as business management, architecture, and computer or mathematical occupations.

  • Population (2019): 3,979,576
  • Population Change Since 2010 (2019): +4.9%
  • Median Age (2019): 35.9 years
  • Median Household Income (2019): $62,142
  • Value of Owner-Occupied Housing Units (2019): $697,2006
  • Nicknames: L.A., La-La Land, City of Angels7
  • Prominent Tourist Attractions: Hollywood, Griffith Observatory, Sunset Boulevard

3. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is the largest American city in the Midwest, giving all the draws of big cities living in New York or LA without a price. Due to its location on picturesque Lake Michigan, many of Chicago’s apartments have beautiful water views and are within walking distance of public transport, world-class shopping, thousands of restaurants, food trucks and culture. Five major sports franchises, including the home of Sears Tower, the famous museum, and the Bulls and the Cowboys, Chicago is a city where there really is something for everyone.

Located in Illinois, where it shares a border with six other states – Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Kentucky, Missouri and Indiana – it is relatively easy for thousands of Americans to access the car. If you work in industries related to trade and transportation, professional business services, or education and healthcare, you are lucky. These are the best areas for job-seekers in Chicago.

  • Population (2019): 2,693,976
  • Population Change Since 2010 (2019): −0.1%
  • Median Age (2019): 35.2 years
  • Median Household Income (2019): $58,247
  • Value of Owner-Occupied Housing Units (2019): $275,200
  • Nicknames: The Windy City, City of Big Shoulders, The Second City
  • Prominent Tourist Attractions: Millennium Park, Willis Tower, Navy Pier

4. Houston, Texas

Houston is arguably one of the fastest growing cities in the United States. The city has so much space that it has so much space. Houston is so wide that you will need a car to get around. As an added bonus, it also boasts a very affordable housing market without any income tax. In addition to its huge size, Houston is an incredibly well-rounded city filled with art, culture and delicious fresh seafood. It’s an impressive performing art scene, thanks to NASA’s Johnson Space Center home, the Downtown Theater District, the Houston Rodeo and the Astros Major League Baseball team. Houston is full of trade and transportation, education and health services, and government jobs.

  • Population (2019): 2,320,268
  • Population Change Since 2010 (2019): +10.7%
  • Median Age (2019): 33.4 years14
  • Median Household Income (2019): $52,338
  • Value of Owner-Occupied Housing Units (2019): $195,800
  • Nicknames: Space City, H-Town, The Big Heart
  • Prominent Tourist Attractions: Space Center, Hermann Park, Houston Zoo.

5. Phoenix, Arizona

If you like outdoors – especially a sunny, desert mountain climate that is great for hiking, biking and river rafting almost every day of the year – then Phoenix is ​​the place for you. The cost of living is relatively low compared to other major cities in the United States, and public transportation is well-planned. Phoenix has Native American history and art, four professional sports teams and plenty of golf courses that are open all year round. Phoenix has many jobs in trade and transportation, professional and business services, and education and health services.

  • Population (2019): 1,680,992
  • Population Change Since 2010 (2019): +16.2%
  • Median Age (2019): 34.4 years
  • Median Household Income (2019): $57,459
  • Value of Owner-Occupied Housing Units (2019): $266,600
  • Nicknames: Valley of the Sun, The Valley
  • Prominent Tourist Attractions: Desert Botanical Garden, Papago Park, South Mountain Park and Preserve.

6. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philly is the second largest East-Coast city in the United States, and is a great place to call home for its excellent location. People living in Philadelphia take advantage of the Amtrak high-speed train for easy access to New York, DC, Baltimore and Boston. But why leave Philly? As one of the oldest cities in America, it is filled with incredible history and architecture, as well as a lively dining and nightlife scene. Philadelphia has plenty of jobs in many industries, including education and health services, professional and business services, and the trade and transportation industries. With easy access to many other large cities in the United States, it is also common for Philly residents to travel outside the city for work.

7. San Antonio, Texas

In central Texas, San Antonio is a quiet and sunny city filled with southwest attractions. It is best known for its historic sights such as the Alamo and its picturesque San Antonio River Walk, which is lined with local shopping and craft markets. For sports enthusiasts, this is also the home of the San Antonio Spurs. And for those who enjoy the craft brewery and food scene, Pearl District is an up-and-coming area with plenty of restaurants, breweries and traditional historic hotels. San Antonio top industries include trade and transportation, government, and education and health services.

  • Population (2019): 1,547,253
  • Population Change Since 2010 (2019): +16.7%
  • Median Age (2019): 33.6 years
  • Median Household Income (2019): $52,455
  • Value of Owner-Occupied Housing Units (2019): $146,400
  • Nicknames: Alamo City, Countdown City, River City2728
  • Prominent Tourist Attractions: The Alamo, San Antonio River Walk, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park.

8. San Diego, California

Love the sea, the sun, the beach, and the art? San Diego is a dream city for those who want a surf-break-at-lunch lifestyle in California. Famous for having the most temperate climate in the United States, San Diego has excellent hiking, located near national parks and of course beaches. It is full of uniquely lively restaurants, nightlife and outdoor patios. Whether you’re exploring the museums at Balboa Park or studying wildlife at the San Diego Zoo, there’s plenty to see. Many city dwellers take advantage of these sights with year-round passes in these parks. San Diego has plenty of jobs for office and administrative support, food preparation and services, and business and financial activities.

  • Population (2019): 1,423,851
  • Population Change Since 2010 (2019): +9.4%
  • Median Age (2019): 35.4 years
  • Median Household Income (2019): $79,673
  • Value of Owner-Occupied Housing Units (2019): $658,400
  • Nicknames: America’s Finest City, City in Motion, Silicon Beach
  • Prominent Tourist Attractions: Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo, USS Midway Museum.

9. Dallas, Texas

Big and refined big brother of the three largest cities in Texas, Dallas is home to incredible shopping, dining, nightlife and the Dallas Cowboys. Located in the northern part of Texas, Dallas is a little cooler than Houston and San Antonio but still enjoys plenty of sunlight. It is a contemporary city known for its beautiful skylines, including the Reunion Tower and the Bank of America Plaza. The Dallas job market has many jobs in the trade and transportation, government, education and healthcare industries.

  • Population (2019): 1,343,573
  • Population Change Since 2010 (2019): +12.2%
  • Median Age (2019): 32.9 years
  • Median Household Income (2019): $52,580
  • Value of Owner-Occupied Housing Units (2019): $231,400
  • Nicknames: City of Hate, D-Town, The Metroplex
  • Prominent Tourist Attractions: The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden, Klyde Warren Park, The Dallas World Aquarium.

10. San Jose, California

Known as the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose is home to more than tech giants like Apple, Google and Adobe. It has an eclectic food scene, great school system and is conveniently close to Napa Valley, Yosemite National Park and some great day trips to Lake Tahoe. No wonder, it costs a fortune to call this place home If you can afford it and you’re a technician, outsider who doesn’t mind the 300 days of sunshine every year, San Jose might be the place for you. San Jose has a lot of work for people looking for a job in computer and mathematics, office and administrative support and sales.

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