Langrisser Tier List | All Characters Ranked 2024

Langrisser Tier List

Langrisser Tier List | All Characters Ranked. We’ve listed all of Langrisser heroes in this final PvE Langrisser level list.Level lists are always up-to-date and free-to-play friendly. Langrisser is a mobile strategy RPG game whose game elements work in harmony with its gameplay. Depending on its genre, the game allows you to collect several heroes to form the best possible team. Forming an optimal team is not an easy task, though. You need knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of each hero as well as your game system.

Langrisser is an RPG game played by thousands of players every day. The game currently offers over 50 characters to choose from, all of which offer different skill and power sets. This is why many players are often confused about choosing the right character for their journey. To help you, we’re going to rank all the characters in our Langrisser Tier list.

What is Langrisser?

Before moving on to the Langrisser tier list, it’s important to know what this game is and why it’s so interesting to tell a story. In this sense, we can define it as an oriental-themed fantasy strategy and role-playing game. In this we have to form an army which allows us to defeat multiple enemies in a single battle system just like any other passive game; That is, you just have to equip the team and AI will take care of the rest. But do not worry, it is a difficult task considering that each victory will bring you a gold prize with which you will have to buy different tenants with completely different features.

What is the Langrisser tier list?

As you can see, a game where you enter a world with different characters to choose from and collect doesn’t seem like an easy task, and much more where we can get the raw materials to create a battle plan. Remember that everything is based on the knowledge of these characters or, we might call them, our warriors or heroes.
At HDGamers we gave ourselves the task of creating a guide where you can find a great ally on your way. So, after going through the path of study, meditation and many evaluations, we were able to create a guide like Langrisser Tier List which we will present to you later.

Langrisser Tier List

Langrisser is a fantasy game. The army has 30 units in Langrisser. You have to direct your army. Once the game starts, you need to position your army units in different areas of the field. You can change the position of any unit during the game, but only once. Each unit is managed by a commander. The commander can save his life with the help of health points. You can choose and upgrade characters according to the combat situation. This is a strategic battle, you have to create a proper strategy to defeat the opponent’s army.

Langrisser Mobile Characters Tier List  2024

Langrisser tier list: Tier S
  • Liana.
  • Tiaris.
  • Leon.
Langrisser tier list: Level A
  • Ledin.
  • Cherie.
  • Bozel.
  • Sonya.
  • Lana.
  • Vargas.
  • Moon.
  • Shelfaniel.
Langrisser tier list: Level B
  • Ber nhardt.
  • Angelina.
  • Altemuller.
  • Elwin.
  • Egbert.
  • Almeda.
  • Dieharte.
  • Chris.
  • Hein.
  • Freya.
Langrisser tier list: Level C
  • Lester.
  • Ferakia.
  • Sophie.
  • Matthew.
  • Grenier.
Langrisser tier list: Level D
  • Lance.
  • Lewin.
  • Jessica.
  • Imelda.
Langrisser tier list: Tier E
  • Silverwolf.
  • Kirikaze.
  • Narm.
  • Emerick.

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