Gcam APK For Android 11 Download Latest Version 2022 For Mobile & PC

Gcam APK For Android 11 Download Latest Version For Mobile & PC. Recently, we received the latest Android 11 update for many devices. So, with this update, we also get the latest version of Google Camera or GCam for Android 11 which is version 8.2. This post lists all compatible GCam modes available for different phones running Android 11. Let’s take a look at some key feature upgrades in the latest version of GCam Android 11. Google Camera is known for its built-in AI features such as astrophotography mode, HDR + and more. New features include Night Site Portrait Mode, Cinematic Pan etc. However, Google Camera is limited to 8.0 and 8.1 pixel devices. Users can download Gcam 8.1 Mod APK to capture the same set of features.

You can download the latest Gcam Mod from the link below. The APK will work flawlessly on most Android smartphones except for a few Samsung, OnePlus and Snapdragon-845 based devices. It is designed to work perfectly on Android 10 and Android 11 powered devices. The first Gcam 8.2 APK for all Android devices came from the developer here. It should work on many smartphones running Android 12, 11, 10 or higher. In this article you will learn how to install [GCAM 9.0] Google Camera on Android 11,10 device with a completely helpful illustrated guide.

What is [GCAM] Google camera ?

A GCam is a powerful camera application for the cameras of Android 11,10 devices developed by Google. We can configure every detail capture settings of the camera of Android 11,10 devices such as contrast, zoom, HDR +, portrait mode and night site photos. Plus, it lets you take pictures at night with great capture using Astro Photography, and allows you to capture amazing still video even when moving around with more stability.

Gcam APK For Android 11

The GCam Android 11,10 device is 1000 times better than the stock camera because GCam helps you capture better dynamic, HDR + images with detailed views that make GCam even more distinct from stock cameras, which is why everyone installs GCam on their mobile and Uses. Stock cameras, a variety of modes available on many sites published by developers. There are still a lot of GCams powered by Snapdragon but MediaTek processor users can’t access to install any GCam on their Android 11,10 device mobile. No one even tried to install different types of Google Camera but those apps will forcefully stop and shut down.

Click Here To Download Gcam APK

Download Gcam APK For Android 11 On Mobile Device

Now you need to download the latest GCam google camera application on Android 11,10 device with XML file, you have many questions what XML file is, an XML file is a settings file for a GCam application that you can create all Android 11, XML file Using 10 devices GCam settings with a single tap. Download the APK and XML files above and now install GCAM apk on Android 11,10 device and open it. If you encounter any problem like ForceStop after installing on Android 11,10 device. Then restart your device and GCAM application once. Will open without any problem When installing on Android 11,10 devices. This GCam default settings will be in the configuration. We have to manually configure all the settings such as contrast, HDR + standard, GCAM mode for front and rear camera, exposure options and much more.


How To Install GCam APK For Android 11 Device

Don’t worry, here I am to save your time. I have already done everything for you to set all the settings on Android 11,10 devices, all you have to do is single tap and all GCam settings will be changed to the perfect configuration in Android 11, GCam on 10 devices. Installed, this can be done using your downloaded XML file. After saving this file it will now create two folders named “gcam” in the internal storage of the Android 11,10 device and create the file “Configs 9” in the gcam folder.

  • The first thing to do is download the GCam Android 11 files you need and configure the files from here.
  •   Once downloaded, install the APK file. Tap on the downloaded APK and if it prompts you to install from an unknown source then install the app.
  •  Open the installed GCAM application and grant all permissions. Quit the app and go to your file manager.
  •  Open the Google Camera app again and double tap the black space between the shutter button and the gallery preview icon below. This will open a window asking you to recover a config file.
  •  Select the config file you downloaded and press “Recover”. You. You can now take better pictures on your Android 11 device.


GCam APK For Android 11 Featured

  1. Audio Zoom
  2. Video Stabilization
  3. Universal Night Sight mode
  4. Unified video recording interface
  5. Video Sharing
  6. Super Stability 4k Video
  7. Astrophotography
  8. Super Res Zoom
  9. Smart burst

Is Installing GCAm in Android 11 Devices safe or not ?

I can say yes thousands of users in my community are using different gcams that have been downloaded and installed from XDA developers even one person is still not saying anything that they are facing harm or being hacked.

Why GCAM not Installing or not Working Properly in my Android 11 Devices ?

If you have an unsupported GCam version of Android installed on your Android 11,10 device, you may encounter this problem. There are many different versions for each Android. Will be Do not waste your time and data on the device model of the device or it is not supported. Some gcam apks may be installed on Android 11,10 devices but not fully functional. They only have some controls such as back camera only does not work. Front camera does not work on Android 11,10 devices so it is best to uninstall if you encounter this problem. Apk processor that may cause unsupported.

Last Word

Hopefully, this apk helps you a lot and you have successfully installed GCM on your Android 11 device. Thanks for staying with us. If you have any queries with us in the comments section below, we’d love to hear your valuable feedback. To get more Information About Mobile Online Apps & Sports News then please Visit TSportsBD.Com  .

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