George Carlin Cause of Death (Autopsy Report). How Did He Die?

Many of us have queries about George Carlin Cause of Death,who was a famous American comedian, actor, and alsoauthor. Carlin had famed for his dirty seven words and the demise of humanity.

His 22 solo albums and three bestselling books were being most popular. In 2008, Carlin had passed away due to heart trouble. Read through our article sensibly if you want to know the death history and the actual cause.

George Carlin Cause of Death

George Carlin, a legendary standup comedian, died in the year of 2008. That time he was 71. He died on Sunday night at a hospital in Santa Monica. The cause of his death was revealed as heart failure.

But he was suffered from a major heart problem for a longer time. Also, he had excessive drug addiction from the teen. Scroll down to learn the cause of his death in depth.

How Did He Die?

George Carlin, one of America’s best and well-known comedians, died at 71. According to the publicist, the cause of his death was heart failure. He had heard that he was highly drug-dependent, which caused heart problems. He had been suffering from heart diseases for spanning three decades. Carlin had three times minor heart attacks in his life. These are included in 1978, 1982, and 1991.

In June 2008, after starting chest pain, he was taken to hospital. There he breathed the last. Now have a look through below what happened on the day he died.

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What Happened?

It was Sunday on Jun 22, 2008. He suddenly attacked with deep chest pains. Immediately, he was to take to John’s Health Center, which is situated in Santa Monica. His spokesman said that the time is afternoon then. He died later in about 6 p.m., said his publicist, Jeff Abraham.

Thus, it had come to the end of 50 years of a successful career of this irreverent comedian. According to his wishes, his body had been cremated. Further, his ashes were scattered in front of various nightclubs, where he had played and over Spofford Lake in New Hampshire. In this place, Carlin has a lot of memories as an adolescent.

Autopsy Report of George Carlin

After his death, his dead body was not taken for performing an autopsy. Thus there has no autopsy report of this famous comedian. He died in a natural, timely manner. His publicist declared significant heart failure as the cause of his death.


Carlin has a significant role in the comedy world. His presences as a stand-up were really remarkable. Hopefully, our comprehensive has been illuminating enough to the fact of his death.


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