Ethan Kazmerzak Autopsy Report (Case of Ethan Kazmerzak Accident)

Ethan Kazmerzak autopsy report has been released after the sudden disappearance of Ethan Kazmerzak in the September of 2013. After all these years in the year of 2020, the vehicle of Ethan Kazmerzak was found in the pond near Olive Avenue. Although the police and other detectives were investigating the missing case of Ethan Kazmerzak it remained unsolved till the sudden discovery of the victim’s vehicle.

If you are looking for the Ethan Kazmerzak autopsy report, then you have come to the right place. This article will include all the significant information related to the missing of Ethan Kazmerzak. Only recently the car of Ethan Kazmerzak was found by some professional divers after seven years. This case has created a huge roar in Hampton, Iowa.

The Case of Ethan Kazmerzak Accident

Ethan Kazmerzak went missing in the year of 2013. Ethan Kazmerzak was only 22 years old when he went missing early in the morning of September 15, 2013. He was last seen in Hampton, Iowa. On the night of September 14, Ethan was found in several different pubs in the Hampton area.

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Ethan Kazmerzak Autopsy Report

On the night of September 14, Ethan later went to a party at the gravel pond behind the house on 190th Avenue. At around 12:15 pm, Ethan called his mother and he informed her he was coming home. He never got there and was never seen or heard again. The sheriff in charge of the missing case has denied all the possibilities of him diving into the water based on the existing evidence. Although the search committee had searched all the possible places, but failed.

However, after seven years in the year of 2020 Ethan Kazmerzak’s vehicle was found by two Oregon divers, Jared Leisek and Sam Ginn, who specialize in underwater vehicle recovery, found the car in the October of 2020 in a Franklin County Pond along with the remains of deceased Ethan Kazmerzak.

Cause of Death

Ethan Kazmerzak, a 22-year-old man, has been missing since September of last 2013. Since September 15, 2013, Kazmerzak and his car have been missing. The car was found underwater in a pond in the northwest of Hampton, Iowa, close to where Kazmerzak had been last seen seven years before. The 2006 Volkswagen was found thanks to the Story County Sheriff’s Office Dive Team and the Adventures with Purpose Crew’s search efforts.

Along with the vehicles they also found human remains. The Iowa State Medical Examiner’s office identified Kazmerzak’s remains as those found in the vehicle, according to Franklin County Sheriff Aaron Dodd. No report has been confirmed about the cause of the death of the victim by the authorities. Although much evidence shows the incident occurs to be an accident. No final report has been released by the county sheriff and the medical team.

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Final Words

Hopefully, this article has been able to provide all the information that you are looking for about the Ethan Kazmerzak autopsy report. After being missing for about seven years, Ethan Kazmerzak was found dead in his car in a pond of the northwest of Hampton, Iowa.


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