Robert Maxwell Cause of Death [Autopsy Report Details]

Robert Maxwell was a British media mogul and a former MP whose name wasn’t that popular until Robert Maxwell cause of death wasn’t out. He didn’t die a normal death, and the media soon found out about his past records after his body was found.

If you don’t know much about Robert Maxwell and how he died, you don’t have to worry about it. We covered everything you need to know about his mysterious death and what actually happened to him. Let’s check it out right away.

Robert Maxwell Cause of Death

Robert Maxwell rose from poverty to owning over 1.9 billion dollars in his lifetime. He died at sea and his death was a mystery to the mass. He was a British media proprietor, a former Member of Parliament, a suspected spy, and a fraudster altogether, and Maxwell stole about 600 million dollars from his company’s pension fund.

That was later found after his death and everybody started talking about what happened that night and how he died. There were a lot of mysteries and rumors about his death.

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How Did He Die

On November 5, 1991, Robert Maxwell died at the age of 68. His death was very shocking news and no one actually knew what was the reason for his death. Later, his news of death along with the theft he did became trending news and everyone started looking it up.

Many believed that he died of a heart attack. And others say that he died from drowning as his yacht sank in the middle of the sea. However, no one could find any conclusion to the exact way he died.

His funeral took place on Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, and he was buried with high honor. The Prime Minister of Israel Yitzhak Shamir, Israeli President Chaim Herzog, and many others joined his funeral to show respect to Robert Maxwell.

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What Happened 

The yacht that Robert Maxwell was on sank in the middle of the sea on November 5th, 1991. People assumed that he drowned along with the yacht and that caused his death.

Once the yacht sank, the body went 19 to 20 miles far from Gando on the other side of the neighboring island of Gran Canaria, and it was found by a fishing boat on the sea.

However, that’s not how he died in reality. His death occurred before he drowned, and it was very likely a heart attack that took his life. Most people believed that falling from the yacht was the cause of his death, which was proved wrong.

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Autopsy Report of Robert Maxwell Cause of Death

The autopsy report of Robert Maxwell shows that he died of natural causes. By natural causes, it meant that he didn’t drown to death like the news and media were spreading. Rather, his death was from a heart attack that happened before he fell into the sea.

The announcers shamed the publications that spread the misinformation about his death and clarified everything with the official autopsy report. Now, everybody knows how he died and the real truth has been revealed after all those years.

Final Words

Hopefully, that helped you understand all about Robert Maxwell’s cause of death and what exactly happened. It was a shady part of the history, which surprisingly took quite a long time to get exposed.


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