Young Dolph Autopsy Report (Cause of Death)

Young Dolph autopsy report says rapper Young Dolph was shot to death inside a renowned local cookie bakery in his homeland of Memphis, Tennessee. He was highly revered in the hip-hop world for his honesty and uncompromising individualism. Police stated that they have no evidence of a probable perpetrator in the incident that occurred near Memphis International Airport at Makeda’s Cookies.

Young Dolph Cause of Death 

On November 17, 2021, Memphis artist Young Dolph, whose true name is Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., was murdered and died in Memphis.

The Young Dolph autopsy report stated that Maurice Hill, the proprietor of Makeda’s Butter Cookies, in which the incident occurred, Young Dolph, 36, stepped into the bakery to buy baked goods. Somebody then went up to the South Memphis bakery and attacked and murdered him. Young Dolph’s personal funeral service was held, according to Memphis Police, on Tuesday, November 30, 2021.

Details of the Young Dolph Autopsy Report

The Young Dolph autopsy report had pictures taken from the crime scene. One of the suspects looks to be holding a semi-automatic rifle in the photographs. The other takes aim at the bakery with a revolver. As per the Young Dolph autopsy report, the gunmen arrived in a white two-door Mercedes Benz, according to Memphis police, while speeding past Young Dolph’s vehicle and firing into the bakery store.

“Our thoughts go out to the Thornton family and those who were impacted by this awful act of aggression,” told police, calling the attack “nonsensical.” Authorities are dedicated to attempting to prevent such types of situations, according to the announcement.

Dozens of people gathered at the location soon after the incident as news of the incident spread around the world. Tensions increased, and emotional intensity erupted. People were crying on the pavement. Some bystanders wanted an end to violent crime and a return to tranquillity. Others bemoaned the passing of the Memphis legend and voiced their displeasure.

At points, chaos reigned. An automobile pulled into the murder scene with a guy aboard who was presumably shot. Paramedics carried that guy away on a trolley.

Police labored for hours to clear the crowd away from the crime site while making sense of the unfortunate tragedy. Even during the inquiry, Airways Boulevard, a major thoroughfare in Memphis, was closed. The patisserie was no novelty to the Memphis rap icon. Young Dolph was there in the week before he was killed, bringing joy and promoting products and services.

His camouflaged Corvette was parked in the cake shop car park. It was removed a few hours later. As the automobile was being towed by cops, footage of it became viral on TikTok. Numerous individuals have asked for responses in the comment thread.

A monument was set up just outside of the patisserie just after Young Dolph was shot and killed inside. Followers paid respect to the artist. The bakery business was decorated with plush toys, ribbons, decorations, candlelight, and a dolphin banner on Thursday evening.


It is unfortunate how a gruesome crime like this took place, as per the Young Dolph autopsy report. Once word spread, replies from musicians such Megan Thee Stallion & Rick Ross to authorities like Memphis Governor Jim Strickland and Congressman Steve Cohen poured in from all over the country.


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