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NID Card Download From Online

NID Card Online Copy Download BD 2022. NID Smart Card Online Copy Download, NID Smart Card Bangladesh Collection Method Many people still search Google. If you have come here to do a Google search for your national identity card, welcome to this post. Friends What is NID smart card? Who gets smart NID card? How to get NID smart card? What are the benefits of NID Smart Card Bangladesh? You will find all the answers here.

Bangladesh NID application system is accepting applications for new national identity cards online. Anyone who is a citizen of Bangladesh and has a birth registration card can apply for a new NID card by following the rules. If you do not have a national identity card, you can apply for a new one. We do not recommend using fake NID card making apps. Get your 2022 smart card by following the instructions below without using NID Card Maker.

NID Online Copy Download is published as a national identity card – download nid online copy. These candidates cannot download National Identity Card. They can download Election Commission NID cards from online and people get a lot of help from online, such as voter ID download, correction, re-issue etc. Those who have recently received a copy of the old national identity card or NID smart card from the Election Commission.

They can go to Bangladesh Election Commission office and download National Identity Card (NID) from Now, the distribution of original NID cards for Corona virus (Covid 19) has stopped. If the situation is somewhat normal, the authorities will start activities. In this epidemic situation (Covid-19), the Election Commission (EC) has announced various activities through online and SMS.

Voter ID Card Online Copy

Those who have taken photographs to become voters but have not received NID can collect temporary (provisional) copies of NID card using the slip number of the voter registration form. Or if you have lost your NID card, but the NID number is written somewhere, you can still try to download the national identity card in this way. There is a possibility of success.

First go to in computer browser and collect your national identity card number by filling in the slip number, date of birth and captcha of voter registration form correctly. If the captcha is not correct at once, try multiple times. Keep in mind, if the server is busy, registration may take some time to succeed.

Download online copy of National Identity Card

You can easily get online copy of National Identity Card by reading this article. We have benefited a lot from having all the National Identity Card activities online. Now there is no need to admit any harassment with national identity card. If you want, you can easily do all the work of National Identity Card online from home.

So let’s find out how to download National Identity Card online. National identity cards come in many forms in our daily life. National ID Card can now be easily downloaded from online. If you wish you can take online copy of your NID card as per the instructions shown in our article.

NID Card Application Form


National ID Card Download Process

Here I will show you how to get NID online copy by slip or NID number. Now you need to complete the registration in Bangladesh NID application system. You need 2 devices. If you use a computer, you also need a smartphone to verify your face. It is very easy to download. I told you the best advice to follow step by step 06. So, let’s go to the bottom of the procedure.

Register Account On NID Wallet Apps

01. First download the NID Wallet apps of Bangladesh Election Commission on your mobile phone.

02. Go to Visit to-

02.Clink On Register Tabs.

03.Enter your national identity card number or slip number. Enter your date of birth and write the number 5 security or letter in the picture. 0204. Now, Click on Submit Button. After that you watch a another page. Now, Select your current address, division, district and upazila. Also select your permanent address.

0305. If all goes well, your mobile Number will now be verified. You will see the following page.


06. If the field is blank you will need to enter any of your mobile numbers. There you may have saved your number which you have given in the NID registration form or you can change the phone number.

07. You will get a 6 digit code. Now place the code correctly on the Verification Place.

0608. If you do this successfully, you can see your name. Now you need to set a password for your profile. With this password, you can download your ID card again if necessary.

0709. So, now click on the Set Password button. Enter at least 8 Word strong passwords.

10. Now you need to verify your face with NID wallet app scanning QR code. Open the NID Wallet app and scan the QR code you see on the NID website. 

0811. When all is done, you will now be able to see all your photo and national identity card information on the dashboard.

12. Now click on download and you will be able to download the full print version PDF copy of NID card. This is an online copy of the original Election Commission NID card.


13. Just print it and carefully layered.

How to Check NID Card Information with SMS

You know that online service is easy and good for everyone but otherwise when online service did not work Then you will need offline service. So, follow the procedure below how to check NID card via SMS.

Form No <space> <dd-mm-yyyy> sent to 105

45632589 18-12-2001 Send 105

NID online Copy download by mobile

After logging in, you need your voter slip number and national identity card date of birth, then you need to enter the captcha code carefully. Then you need a mobile number. Then if you provide a mobile number, a verification code will appear on that mobile number. With that code, you can download your national identity card online.

After applying for a voter ID card, you will first be able to view your voter ID card. You can easily view the voter ID card through some online process through mobile or computer.

How to NID Card Reissue ?

Follow the instructions below:

  • Visit NID Website
  • Registration complete
  • Then, Click to Reissue
  • Input necessary information.
  • Then, Payment Complete
  • Submit.

Smart NID card download Bangladesh

NID Smart Card is a government identification card for the citizens of Bangladesh, which is made the head of every adult citizen of the country as well as the government provides these cards to the adults to ensure their various government facilities. Earlier, all the national identity cards issued by the Bangladesh government were declared as one identity card only. 

But now the government has taken a smart voter ID card with a chip like the new ATM card for the people of the country which will be provided to every citizen and will be used by them to give overall benefits to the government. At present, the digital NID card issued by the government of Bangladesh has twenty five security features.

NID Smart Card NID

NID Card Correction BD

Almost all of us have different types of mistakes in our national identity cards. Someone’s name is wrong, parents’ name is wrong, date of birth, address is wrong, etc. But many people do not know how to correct NID card in Bangladesh. You can correct these errors within 15 to 20 days by applying online at home with the correct proof. Here is how to fix NID card online and what documents are required for various types of errors in NID card.

How to Correct NID Card in Bangladesh

First you need to register your account with your NID number, date of birth and address on the National Identity Card website. Then, by logging in to your account, edit the wrong information from your profile Pay NID service fee according to the type of correction of incorrect information. Finally, scan and upload the required documents as proof of your correct information and submit the application.nid-correction-payment-dbbl

Last Word

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