GCam Apk Download Android & iOS (gcam latest version) Google Camera For Your iPhone

Google Camera App is the official camera app developed by Google for Android and Gcam Apk for iOS devices. The app is the best app in the Google Play Store. Take photos of the sphere to take advantage of the views that surround you 360 degrees. Also, you can apply the effect of focus with the depth of an external (fake) field for SLR photos or you can enable high-resolution panoramic image mode.

These are all available from an extended side panel. This app went viral shortly after its release due to its popular features and great user experience. So, let’s take a look at the features of why you should install this app on your Android and Gcam Apk for iOS smart phones.

Google Camera Lens for iOS

Google is bringing its lens feature to Apple iOS devices in the next few weeks. Lens is an on-demand object recognition tool, accessible through the Google Photos app. When users take a picture of a book or painting, for example, the lens recognizes it and throws out information to you in more detail about the object.

Google Lens works on business cards, books, landmarks and building photos, museum paintings, plants or animals, and flyers and event billboards. When you use the lens on a photo with a phone number or an address, you can automatically save this information as a contact on your iOS device.

Gcam for iOS device

Today, almost everyone knows what Google Camera is capable of doing. Android users and even iPhone users want to use the great Gcam on their device. However, as you all know, Gcam was created exclusively for Google Pixel devices. And no other Android user can download and enjoy it from Play Store or any other third party app store. And let’s not talk about Gcam on the iPhone, because the OS keeps the iPhone alive is completely different.

There is no way to use Google Camera on your iPhone. However, we recently got an exciting app called Neural Cam Ural There are plenty of apps for the iPhone that claim to provide quality like Gcam. However, in our opinion, no other application has come close to the level of AI enhancement, and Gcam does post-image processing. And then comes the neural cam, which does not provide the same quality, of course, but a very similar one.

iOS Device

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How do I use Google Camera on iOS?

  1. On your iPhone, open the Google App.
  2. In the search bar, tap Google Lens.
  3. If you haven’t used Google Lens before, tap Turn on the camera to use the lenses.
  4. On your screen, tap the item. To select text, tap a word, then tap again and drag the blue dots.
  5. Now, tap a result or search.

GCAM for iOS device feature

  •  HDR: Bright colors and rich details, the pictures look like professional camera shots.
  • Panorama: from 360 degrees to 100 amps.
  • Multishot: group portrait, sequence shot, move unwanted items with one click.
  •  Night mode.
  •  Video recording + break, Videos and photos timed out.
  • Pre-shot: Pictures are taken before pressing
  • Explosion and expo-bonding
  • Timer
  • Different types of focus
  • ISO option
  • White-balance
  • RAW Capture (currently Nexus 5 with Android 5)
  • Focus and expo metering by separate points
  • Timestamp
  • Manual control (focus and shutter speed priority) is available for Nexus 5, 6 and LG Flex 2.

How to download and install Google Camera For iOS Device

The Google Camera APP is very easy to install so the installation process is quite simple, just follow our steps below to successfully download and install Google Camera or GCAM app:

  1.  First click on the download button to move to the download page.
  2.  When the download page opens, select the version and press the download button again to start the download.
  3.  Once the download is complete, go to Settings and go to Additional Settings and allow the installation for unknown sources.
  4.  Now go ahead and install the Google Camera app.
  5.  Once the installation is complete, open and use Gcam Apk for iOS.
  6. Now, just open Google Camera and start using extra-ordinary photos.


Last Word

Hopefully, this apk helps you a lot and you have successfully installed GCM on your iOS or iPhone device. Thanks for staying with us. If you have any queries with us in the comments section below, we’d love to hear your valuable feedback. To get more Information About Mobile Online Apps & Sports News then please Visit TSportsBD.Com  .

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