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BitLife Mod Apk is a simulation of a person’s life and the choices in their life with the starting point from infancy, growing through the stages until you age and end. life, the things you choose to do that will change your life here may for the better or for the worse evolve in some direction. This game application was developed by Candywriter, LLC, although the publisher now offers a few games, each game has been well received by a lot of people.

This game has more than 10 million downloads, a game to You can experience life again your way, very attractive if in real life you only have the time of life to live like this game can try to change life in different ways, what’s great Better quickly download and experience this great game.

About Bitlife Mod apk

We all human beings mostly scared about one thing, that is life. Its true because we have to take lots of decisions in life, we face so many worst as well as good thing in our day to day life. Sometimes we just get into trouble by taking some wrong decisions and before taking we even didnt know what happened with us. But with Bitlife Mod apk, you didnt face such type of problems related to our life.

It is a best life simulator game in which you able to take decesions related to your life and it will predict that the decesions taken by you is right or wrong. So you can think about that and it makes your life easy and safe. This Mod apk come with lots of features which helps you in real life.


BitLife Mod Apk

BitLife Life Simulator Mod Apk or basically called BitLife is a book based computer game discharged in 2018 by CandyWriter LLC. The goal of the game is to carry on with a computerized existence without battles and troubles, portrayed with kid’s shows and hilarious situations. On the Google Play Store, it was positioned as the most mainstream game on the site and portable application, just as on the Apple App Store.

Will you attempt to settle on quite a few decisions trying to turn into a model resident at some point before you kick the bucket? You could wed the adoration for your life, have children, and get decent training en route. Or then again will you play decisions that frighten your folks? You could plunge into an existence of wrongdoing, become hopelessly enamored or go on experiences, start jail riots, pirate duffle packs, and undermine your companion.

Name BitLife – Life Simulator
Version 2.3.1
MOD Features God Mode, Bitizenship Unlocked
Size 102MB
Requires Android 5.0
Category Simulation
Get It On Google Play
Publisher Candywriter, LLC

Download BitLife mod Apk

From a young age, we are all taught by our parents to be good, to study well to become a useful person for society. BitLife ignores the limits of norms and always gives you good choices or temptations. For example, when you were first vaccinated as a child, you could lie still and let the doctor do the work or bite her in the hand to protest. However, whatever the player should note there is always a result corresponding to your actions.

If you do not get vaccinated, you are more likely to get sick when you grow up. Being comfortable in the present moment can be very detrimental to the future. Play as a character and go through life at each important milestone in life. Life always contains hidden things that no one knows before tomorrow will be.


Life is like a story. You don’t know what will happen next, the miracles will happen in your life or you will not even know when this story is over. Basically, BitLife’s gameplay is similar to visual novel games. Only thing, instead of choosing lines for the character, you will choose an action for each of the main character’s timeline. The game lists a series of events for each year. Even the first time your mother takes you to a vaccination, you can choose between sitting still obediently or biting your mother’s hand to protest. Click the Age button to increase the age of the protagonist, and see what will happen in their lives.

Features of Bitlife Unlocked apk

  1. Best life simulation game.
  2. You get real time results in Bitlife Mod apk.
  3. Keep good relationships with your parents.
  4. It makes you leans that the decision taken by yours is right or wrong.
  5. Invest money in your business to make more.
  6. Improve your mistakes by working on them.


Download BitLife Mod Apk 2024

  1. Visit our website.
  2. Click on the download link available on the post which you want.
  3. The file will start downloading.
  4. But remember that you have to remove your already downloaded version. Because sometimes users face many problems regarding installing file that is already downloaded.
  5. Enable “Unknown Sources” From your device setting.
  6. Some people face a problem regarding the installation of files from unknown sources. If your cell phone shows any of these problems, then consider the following steps.
  7. Click on the install button.
  8. After successful installation, open the APP and get started.

Build your life

After creating a character, you will have 4 metrics to track such as health, intelligence, appearance, and happiness. What is most important to you? Life is difficult to be perfect if you only care about one factor, but if you need all four indicators above, your choices will be different. BitLife is a miniature version of everyone’s life, creates a good habit. If you want a perfect life without making a mistake, it’s very difficult. Only when you do nothing will you not make a mistake. However, it is always right to learn case-by-case lessons.

Make money in BitLife

Just like in real life, you need money to cover everything. Even in BitLife, if you don’t make any money after growing up, your parents can kick you out. There are over 140 different careers in BitLife. Because the number is so big, you have to set yourself a goal very early and go after it.

BitLife Game Design

Without the need for 3D graphics with eye-catching effects, BitLife brings you light experiences, just like how you are enjoying a book. The interface of the game is designed like a diary of the protagonist. After each of your selections, the annual memorable events will be listed on the screen.


Final Word

We have provided you the working and latest Bitlife mod apk latest version highly compressed and unlimited gems/characters. Also, we have given you detailed info about its gameplay and modded features. We hope you enjoyed the time with us. To get more Information about this Game please Visit TsportsBD.Com .

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