Happy World Distance Learning Day 2022 Best Wishes, Messages, Greetings, Quotes & Wallpaper

Happy World Distance Learning Day 2022 Best Wishes, SMS, Messages, Greetings, Quotes, Images & Wallpaper. August 31 is World Distance Learning Day. Be it distance learning programs that are delivered entirely at distance. Or hybrid blends of learning in the classroom and at home. Added flexibility and often more affordable alternatives to distance learning are benefiting more students worldwide.

Already, In recent times, the Internet and high quality online curricula. And courses have completely changed the traditional traditional education system. And given birth to the popular distance learning movement. With that in mind, today is the day to be grateful for the distance learning opportunities. We have and the countless resources available for use.

History of World Distance Learning Day

The benefits of learning are not always a few clicks away. In 1728, Caleb Phillips was advertising his teachings in the Boston Gazette on a new method of shorthand. With lessons being delivered by mail on a weekly basis. Sir Isaac Pitman took this idea one step further in England in the 1840s. He was also teaching shorthand by mail, but his students would send him a postcard with his own efforts. Which he would correct and send back to them. Pitman’s course gained popularity, and within a few years, the Phonographic Correspondence Society was established to formalize the courses offered.

The Society led the way to college, and by 1873 the first correspondence school was established in the United States. World Distance Education Day was established to raise awareness of the educational resources. And options available to students and to celebrate. How far the concept of distance learning has progressed.

World Distance Learning Day Activities

Learn to code through CodeCademie, learn a language through Dulingo, or research other courses that are relevant to your interests and, most importantly, start learning. You are able to do much more when you are surrounded by other people from whom you can learn and with whom you can share your skills. Try joining a peer-to-peer learning community like Brenley, which helps people around the world move from questioning to understanding and acts as a homework help resource for students. For every question asked, someone somewhere has an answer. 

Use this day to post online about your distance learning experience. Whether it’s recommending a useful tool for others, or discussing the course you’ve completed, sharing your experience with others may inspire more people to take some distance learning.

Why We Love World Distance Learning Day

Distance learning often means that you can create and stick to your own learning schedule. This means you can fit your learning needs around your other needs, which in turn helps create a rewarding learning experience. The Internet has changed what is possible through distance education. Do a few searches and you will realize that you are spoiled for choice with thousands of different websites and apps, courses, lessons and learning tools. Distance education not only reduces the use of paper and electricity, but also reduces the carbon emissions from physical classrooms. Distance learning classes use 90% less energy and emit 85% less carbon than conventional, face-to-face classes.

World Distance Learning Day dates

Year Date Day
2021 August 31 Tuesday
2022 August 31 Wednesday
2024 August 31 Thursday
2024 August 31 Saturday
2025 August 31 Sunday

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