TikTok 163 Year Old Man (Who is he). Is It True or False?

If you have surfed through Tiktok recently, you must’ve seen the video of TikTok 163 year old man. That video was so fascinating that it got millions of views in days after it was uploaded on that platform.

But what is the story behind this viral video and is it actually legit in the first place? Below, we uncover everything about the Tiktok 163-year-old man. So, be sure to stick to the end to find out everything about him.

Tiktok 163 Year Old Man

TikTok is one of the most used social media platforms in this day and age. People can post videos and interact with them from every corner of the world. Recently, a video of an old monk got viral on TikTok. The video claims that the monk is 163 years old, which is just fascinating.

That’s the reason it got so much attention on TikTok, and it went viral super-fast. Also, you need to remember that anything can go viral on the internet these days. It doesn’t have to be 100 percent legit for that to happen as well. In fact, most viral videos don’t even make any sense there.

But for the video of the 163-year-old man, people were astonished by looking at him, and it was real footage as well. So, is it true that his real age is 163 years, or is it a scam? We talk about it in detail in the upcoming segments.

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Who is TikTok 163 Year Old Man

The man you see on the Tiktok 163-year-old man video is a monk who lives in Thailand. He is a Buddhist monk who lived a long life. Someone recorded a video of him and posted it on Tiktok. And it got viral and got millions of views in a matter of days!

However, he was hospitalized for some illness, and that’s when the footage was taken. After posting the video on TikTok, everybody started to make up stories about his age. And that’s how the story of the 163-year-old man was created.

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Is It True or False

As we mentioned earlier, the Tiktok 163-year-old man is none other than Luang Pho Yai. But is it true that he’s 163 years old, which will make him the man who lived longest? Sadly, he is a monk who is alive for 109 years! So, the story of a 163-year-old man is truly not legit.

Social media platforms are full of fake news and pieces of information. You should not trust everything you see there. It doesn’t matter if the video has got millions of views or likes; you must check whether it’s legit news or not before trusting it.

For instance, the Tiktok 163-year-old man video got viral and it got millions of views. So, most people thought that it was legit news as it has got millions of views, which is very misguiding.

Final Verdict

Hopefully, this article helped debunk the truth of Tiktok’s viral 163-year-old man video for you. Make sure to check the sources before trusting anything you see on social media platforms.


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