How To Recover My Hacked PUBG Account [Ultimate Guide]

How to Recover PUBG Mobile Account

How To Recover My Hacked PUBG Account. PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royale game where 100 players jump onto a deserted island to pick up weapons and fight until only one player is left. The game has players all over the world for its great graphics and interesting gameplay. PUBG Mobile was developed by Tencent, one of the largest gaming companies in the world.

There are many PUBG mobile account login options. Such as Google account, Facebook account, using guest login so that everyone can access the game as they wish. While this makes the game much more accessible. It creates various problems when players lose their accounts and try to recover PUBG Mobile accounts. So here in this article, we will show you all the ways to recover PUBG mobile account for all account types.

How to Recover PUBG Mobile Account

We know that PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royale game supported and followed by millions of players around the world. The fan level associated with this game is amazing and all this is because of the popular plot that this game provides. Other platforms like YouTube have a lot of content about the game of PUBG Mobile provided by the respective professional players who have achieved great levels in this game.

Apart from this, the game has global players and all this is due to the great graphics as well as interesting gameplay because PUBG game is developed by Tencent which is definitely the biggest gaming company in the world. In such case there are many PUBG mobile account login options like using platforms like Google account, Facebook account, guest-login and many more. All these options are provided to the players so that almost everyone can enjoy this game more easily as per their comfort. This is the number one priority behind all these options.

PUBG Mobile Account Hacked

Anyone who has played PUBG for a long time must have encountered hackers at least once. Yes, they are real, they exist, and they are completely incapable of playing a game. This article will discuss how to recover a hacked PUBG account. Hackers are nothing new in PUBG. They exist across all platforms and seasons. However, we won’t deny that PUBG has implemented strict anti-hacking measures. Usually, we see hackers using ambot, wallhack and speed hack within the game itself.

PUBG Mobile Guest account recovery

This account option is mostly used by new players when they just want to learn about the game as a newbie. However, the login option is not considered secure. And this is because your account data will be stored on your device. Many players started playing PUBG game using guest account. But then it didn’t link to their Facebook or Google account which resulted in losing the account. Later if the player lost the particular device or lost all the storage of the device by mistake. has been wiped out.

  • To begin, launch PUBG Mobile and look for the help icon in the upper right corner of the login screen.
  • After pressing it, a new window will open with a message symbol.
  • Click the icon to contact customer service.
  • PUBG Mobile will request various pieces of information in the conversation. Including your in-game ID, user name, device kind, and in-app purchases.
  • Once they have gathered the essential information, they will respond with your account’s status within a few days.
  • Once you’ve regained access to the account, please link it to either your Google or Facebook account.

PUBG Mobile Facebook and Google account recovery

If you have a permanent account that is successfully linked to your Facebook or Google account and then you lose your account, there is nothing to worry about. As all your data or information is already stored in PUBG server and can be easily retrieved in no time.

After all, you’ll need to do this to login again using your credentials. And if you don’t remember them, a link to your respective Google account or Facebook account will be shared. Just make sure none of them are disabled. If by any chance one is disabled please revert it or else try using the Google Account option. You can even use the option to forget Facebook password if needed.

Recovering a hacked PUBG account

Step 1. Self-recovery

1) Scan your computer: run virus and spyware scanners

2) Change your email’s password

Step 2. Contact Steam Support

1) Appeal to Steam Support to verify and recover your account

2) Provide the following information

: Proof of ownership (payment information)

: Any possible Steam Account login names

: Any possible email addresses used on the account

Contact PUBG Support

– Visit PUBG Support > Open Chatbot (speech bubble next to ‘Contact Us’).

  1. Select correct category: Hacked Account
  2. Provide your account information (IGN, Steam ID, etc.)
  3. Agree that hacked account recovery is a one-time service.
  4. Attach a screenshot to prove that you have Mobile Steam Guard installed.

How do I change my PUBG steam password?

The password for the Steam account can be changed on the Steam platform.

Steam account password search procedure
1) Go to link
2) Enter your account or email address on the page you moved
3) Follow the instructions on the following page to proceed.

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