Bangladesh Protivaban khude Cricketerder Sondhane (PKCSBD) Result 2022

The term competition is widely known. There is no one in the world that is not familiar with this word or knows its meaning. This word is a companion in every field of human life. The more digital the world, the more human life is filled with competition. And the most important word in human life is competition. However, it is declining in all cases, but in the case of children and adolescents.So lets know about Bangladesh Protivaban khude Cricketerder Sondhane (PKCSBD) Result 2022.

Competition In Human Life

Although there is room for competition throughout human life, competition in the life of children and adolescents means competition in education. What has now taken the form of an unhealthy competition in human life due to mechanics, the childhood of children and adolescents is now a thing of the past. Apart from competition in studies, there is no such opportunity for competition. Again, not for all classes

.So the boundaries of childhood competition are slowly getting smaller. And this is one of the reasons behind the increase in crime in adolescents and the increase in crime. The standard of living of the people is changing and the demand is also changing. In line with this, high to high buildings are being built all over the city. The playground is getting smaller one by one. And in the meanwhile the joy of childhood is getting lost. Everyone is becoming accustomed to prisoner life. Leaning towards digital media. And the crime tendency is also born from here.

PKCSBD Programme

Talent Sports Limited, a non-governmental sports organization, with the approval and overall support of the National Sports Council, the parent body of the sports arena, in collaboration with the Department of Secondary and Higher Education of the Ministry of Education. In search of talented young cricketers scattered in remote areas, the search for talented young cricketers has started in 4554 unions in 492 upazilas of 64 districts of 6 divisions of the country.

Cricket Talent Hunt the organizers of the program, under the slogan “Build a new anti-drug society in cricket, not drugs, dream of building a new anti-drug society” by taking out the mechanics of captivity from childhood and participating in sports competitions. If the mindset against drugs can be created by concentrating, then it is possible to reduce the tendency of children and adolescents to commit crimes.

Apply For PKCSBD

The country-wide PKCSBD cricket `Talent Hunt ‘project is underway in collaboration with the National Sports Council of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Department of Secondary and Higher Education of the Ministry of Education.The project is being implemented by Talent Sports Limited under the slogan ‘Bangladesh in search of talented young cricketers’, abbreviated as PKCSBD.

If you want to apply PKCSBD then follow the below Instruction:

  • At first visit PKCDBD Website
  • Then, Fill Up the application form very carefully.
  • After that, Upload your photo and signature. Photo size is 300*300 Pixels & Signature size is 300*80 Pixels.
  • Photo and Signature must be upload by Scanning.
  • Then, input your mobile number and check again before clicking the submit button.
  • After all, Print your application copy.

Bangladesh Protivaban khude Cricketerder Sondhane (PKCSBD) Result 2022

How To See Result PKCSBD

After Complete PKCSBD Application. They published Result after some days ago.They can test every candidates skill & performance.

To tee PKCSBD Result

  • visit
  • Then put your session year, Player ID & phone Number.
  • After that click on search button.
  • Finally you can see your Result on the Screen.

Bangladesh Protivaban khude Cricketerder Sondhane (PKCSBD) Result

Talent Sports Limited is implementing the project with a vision to transform the national level qualifiers from small to professional cricketers through a nationwide selection process. The 1st session of the long-term project is currently underway.

Find Us On: TSportsBD.Com

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