Phil Hughes Cause of Death. How Did He Die (Autopsy Report)

Today’s article will discuss Phil Hughes’s causes of death and the related incident.Phillip Hughes was a famous Australian Test cricketer. Also, he was the youngest cricketer on the Australian cricket team. After scoring a century on the first ODI debut, he became more famous.

But a shocking accident took away his life only at the age of 25, and the cricket world lost a very skilled youthful cricketer. Stay with us if you want to know the actual incident and cause of death.

Phil Hughes Cause of Death

While playing a match at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Hughes was hit by a short-pitched ball. This high-bouncing ball (about 135kmph) was hit on the side of his neck and led to fatal injury there.

After a couple of seconds, Hughes collapsed. The support staff immediately took him to the hospital. After a long hard treatment, he could survive himself. Have a look through below to the detailed incident.

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How Did He Die?

The date was November 25, 2014. Phillip Joel Hughes was playing Sheffield Shield match at the Sydney cricket ground against the New South Wales team. While bating on 63 runs, Phillip was struck in the neck by the cricket ball. The ball was hooked shoot to a bouncer from Sean Abbott, a famous Austrian cricket and a skilled bowler. Hughes missed his hook shot attempt, and the ball directly hit his neck.

Though Hughes was wearing a helmet that time, the missed attempt ball struck below his left ear in an unprotected area. After this incident, the match was abandoned. Then, Phillip was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. He underwent surgery for this accident. The doctor declared his critical condition and took him into an induced coma. Though he was in an intensive care, Phillip never regained consciousness. After two days, Hughes died from his injuries on November 27, 2014.

Autopsy Report of Phil Hughes

The injury that led Phillip to death is called vertebral artery dissection. In medical science, it is one type of sport-related blunt-force cerebrovascular injury. Thus dissection further led to bleeding into the subarachnoid, which is called a subarachnoid hemorrhage. According to the doctors, this type of sport-related blunt-force cerebrovascular injury was rear but increasingly recognized cause of stroke in patients.

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This incident was really unbelievable, and something like that never happened in the cricket world. Mainly the ball hit him between the top of his neck and the base of his skull. Sports doctor Dr. Peter ­Larkins said that the Hughes injured area was extremely vulnerable and major vertebral arteries into the brain compressed after hit. It caused massive bleeding, and the bleeding built up an enormous pressure in the spinal canal. That further reached into his brain and caused death.


The death of such a legendary cricket was an irreparable loss not only for Australia but also for the whole cricket world. We have tried to assemble the actual reasons behind his death through this discussion. Hopefully, this article has become much informative for you.


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