Nova Paraboy Pubg Id, Age, Sensitivity Code & Control Code

Nova Paraboy sensitivity code

Nova Paraboy Pubg Id, Age, Sensitivity Code & Control Code. NOVA Paraboy PUBG Sensitivity Settings and Control Code: An ideal sensitivity and controls for perfect gameplay have a great role be it PUBG mobile or any game. Therefore, having the best sensitivity settings like NV Paraboy will help us get the most chicken dinner and win. In this article, you will find Paraboy latest PUBG sensitivity settings and control codes. You see, every player has their own way of playing a game. So you can import these settings and customize as per your requirements. You can use these sensitivity settings and controls on Paraboy for BGMI as well.

Who Is Nova Paraboy?

Paraboy Nova is a professional Pubg Esports player for the Xqf team. Paraboy’s real name is Zhu Bocheng and he is 19 years old. Paraboy is one of the best PUBG players in the world. Paraboy’s favorite guns are Dp28 and M16A4 over which he has very good control. The Nova Xqf team is the biggest PUBG team in the world, and has won many tournaments. Paraboy is an attacker for his team. Paraboy has won 12 awards in PUBG so far.

Nova Paraboy Short Biography

Real Name Zhu Bhachung
NickName paraboy
Age of Kaash Plays 20 Years
Pubg ID Number 155943358
Pubg IGN Nova Paraboy
Pubg Sensitivity Code 7030-6157-5050-3580-318
Pubg Control Code 6983-8735-3393-9026-885
Device iPhone 13 Pro
Favorite Gun DP-28 and M416

What is Paraboy Pubg ID?

Paraboy Pubg ID or XQF Paraboy Pubg character id number is 155943358. And his pubg name or IGN is XQFparaboy.

Paraboy Sensitivity Code

Paraboy Pubg ID Sensitivity Code is 7075-5124-3535-0184-614  .

Nova Paraboy PUBG Mobile ID, Control, Sensitivity Details Layout

Paraboy ADS Sensitivity

2X scope 114%
3X Scope 48%
4X Scope 76%
6X Scope 8%
8X Scope 10%
1st Person No Scope 135%
3rd Person No Scope 147%
Red Dot 137%
Holographic 137%
Aim Assist 137%
VSS 78%

Paraboy Camera Sensitivity

2X scope 77%
3X Scope 25%
4X Scope 21%
6X Scope 8%
8X Scope 10%
1st Person No Scope 119%
3rd Person No Scope 125%
Red Dot 56%
Holographic 56%
Aim Assist 56%
VSS 21%

Paraboy Gyroscope Sensitivity

2X scope 125%
3X Scope 165%
4X Scope 200%
6X Scope 45%
8X Scope 40%
1st Person No Scope 199%
3rd Person No Scope 140%
Red Dot 185%
Holographic 185%
Aim Assist 185%
VSS 200%

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