National German-American Day 2022 Activities, Messages, Wishes, Quotes, Greetings & Wallpaper

National German-American Day 2022 Activities, Messages, Wishes, Quotes, Greetings & Wallpaper. Every year 06 October is celebrated as German American Day. On this day, all Americans of German descent are honored and all their contributions to society are valued. Celebrate this beautiful day by sending German American Day quotes to your loved ones. Make it a memorable day by sending text messages to all your loved ones who are German Americans wishing them a happy German American Day.

As well as being a big excuse to eat bratwurst and drink beer. There is no tomorrow, October is the anniversary of the first German immigrants to arrive in America on German-American Day. Since they were created by touching Germantown in Pennsylvania. German immigrants and their descendants have had a profound impact on American culture and history. From starting the first kindergarten to giving us the legend of Santa Claus. The Germans have contributed more than you know! Today, we are celebrating culture and brushing on the history of Germans in America.

History of National German-American Day

German-Americans have been in America from the beginning. In 1608, there were several Germans among the Gems town settlers. German immigrants came in more significant numbers around 1670, when they decided to settle extensively in Pennsylvania and New York. In Pennsylvania, the Germans famously founded German town and Pennsylvania still have the largest number of German-Americans in the country. By the 1970s, anti-German attitudes had largely evaporated, and German-Americans found many similarities with other Western European immigrants. Today, many German-American cultural contributions have become so intertwined with American culture that many cannot pick them up if they try. German-Americans now make up the largest self-reported genealogy, at about 44.2 million.

National German-American Day Activities

German immigrants had already settled in the British colonies by 1670 and they have since made significant contributions to our government, business landscape and culture. Understanding the way the Germans shaped America today is a great way to celebrate National German-American Day. If you can’t whip up the most authentic bratwurst and sauerkraut, go to a restaurant that can! There is no need to decide between Currywurst and Schnitzel – they both have. Share a clip of you trying to memorize German phrases you learned in high school, or a picture of a homemade cosmos you created, to inspire some German-Americans to share their culture and history on the hashtag #German-American Day.


We are fans of hamburgers and beers, we are happy that the Germans came to America 300 years ago. Other parts of German culture adopted by Americans include weekends, theme parks, Santa Claus and Tuba! German culture is so pervasive in America today that we sometimes overlook where it came from. What many do not know is that our education system. And the concept of universal education were largely influenced by the Germans. We will not have an Easter bunny without preserving their cultural traditions. Beyond that, many German-Americans became important entrepreneurs and leaders. Who doesn’t think of learning another language? In light, fuzzy German beer, it’s fun to let someone else at the party teach you some basic German phrases!

National German-American Day Dates

Year Date Day
2021 October 6 Wednesday
2022 October 6 Thursday
2024 October 6 Friday
2024 October 6 Sunday
2025 October 6 Monday

National German-American Day 2022 Messages

1. It is an extreme moment of pride for us to have such a wonderful German American as our friend who has made the country proud…. Happy German American Day!!!

2. Today is German American Day, the day which reminds us that we all are one and we take pride in being one.

3. Let us celebrate German American Day by thanking all those who have contributed in making America proud.

4. German American Day reminds us that our hard work and contributions will never go unnoticed…. So keep working hard and keep helping the country grow!!!

5. Though America and Germany are two nations but German American Day celebrates the spirit of being one, being together to work for development.

6. German American Day is a wonderful amalgamation of two nations into one blood and their contribution!!!

7. On the day of German American Day, we celebrate the wonderful work done by German Americans and thank them for their efforts and contribution.

8. Two nations, two cultures but one person….. That is what German American Day is all about…. Cheers to all the contribution and success stories of German American.

9. Let us add more meaning to German American Day by working harder to bring more and more glory to America!!!

10. We may be German but we are born and brought up in America and we must contribute to it in all possible ways…. Best wishes on German American Day!!!

National German-American Day 2022 Wishes

-Two different nations in one soul who worked for the development of our country. To remember and celebrate their work is our responsibility.

-German-American day spreads the message of togetherness and oneness. We should all try to keep this spirit in us forever and always work for goodness.

-This is a day to remember the significant contributions made by the German-Americans a long time back. Hard work and dedication always pay off is what we should learn from this day.

-When we go through tough times, we should not lose hope and always work for our betterment. This is what the German-American day teaches us. Enjpy the day to the fullest.

-As the proud citizen of this nation, we should pay all our respect towards this historic day and its importance. A day that worth remembering.

-We should collectively give importance to the cultural heritage of both nations. Working for development should always be our motto.

National German-American Day 2022 Greetings Card

-It is a happy moment to greet everyone a pleased German American Day. Let us all together celebrate this moment of togetherness with lots of happiness.

-Happy greetings and best wishes to all the German Americans on this very historical event of German-American Day. We all feel very proud to celebrate this day that reminds us of the German Americans’ excellent work with due respect.

-A day that celebrates the spirit of oneness in two different nations. Best wishes to everyone, and hopefully, we all would proudly celebrate the greatness of this day. A happy German American day.

-On this significant occasion of German-American day, let us all remember the German Americans’ contributions towards making America proud. Best wishes to everyone.

-The German Americans’ efforts and hard work towards the development of our nation can not go unnoticed. So come together to celebrate this day, thanking them for their contributions proudly.

-Let’s celebrate this historic occasion of German-American Day by forgetting all the differences between the people of both the Nations and spreading messages of togetherness and unity.-Happy German-American Day.

National German-American Day 2022 Quotes

-“The family ties between hundreds of thousands of German families and their American relatives led many to think that America would never join a second war against Germany.” ~ Julius Streicher.

-“For a German point of view, German-American and European-American relations are a pillar of our foreign policy. ~ Angela Merkel.

-“The noblest objective of our diplomacy is the patient and difficult task of reconciling our adversaries to peace. And I know we all look forward to the day when the only industry of war will be the research of historians.” ~ Ronald Reagan.

-This day is celebrated to acknowledge the capabilities and the glory of two great nations; the USA and Germany. So on this day, let us all pledge our country that we will do our best to make it proud.

-Let the feeling of patriotism flow in your veins on this historic day. Enjoy the day with full pride.

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