Play Mini Militia Games Online With All Tips & Tricks

We all know the year 2011 as the year of games. Because of the release of several critically acclaimed games, originals, and sequels both. Mini Militia, otherwise known as Doodle Army-2, was also released during the same year and gathered many fans and followers. It primarily provides the competitive and battleground experience, involving that brings a ruminative ambiance.

People, who are into shooting or combat games about the army or the military, will find Mini Militia immensely amusing. If you are still wondering how to play Mini Militia. And have decided to understand the nitty-gritty of it. You are in the right place.

About the Mini Militia Game

Mini Militia is mostly popular among the youth but is also appealing to other age groups. It provides a third eye view to the player and helps the player to play with multiple players. You can easily play this with your friends using a local network and get the opportunity to host almost 12 local gamers or even as much as 6 online gamers, simultaneously.


Mini Militia Game play

Mini Militia is acquired by Miniclip, developed and created by them for now. However, they are not the original creators. Appsomniacs LLC was the first to create and develop the game and put up for the audience. This game is available in the Play Store and App Store. Click on the link below to download now.

Download Mini Militia Game

Steps on how to Play Mini Militia:

The game consists of three modes for playing- Solo Play, Quick Play and Multiplayer with LAN Wifi.

Three modes in Mini Militia

Before we move into the details, there are a few general guidelines.

1) Your avatar lands with a gun and a couple of grenades. The game begins and you must kill as many opponents as you can within the 6½ minutes given to you.

2) The lower left side controls the movement of your avatar while the lower right helps you shoot the enemy.

3) To re-load the weapon, press on the upper right symbol bullet button.

4) For zooming click onto the top left button on the screen.

5) The blue color bar shows the flying capacity while the pink color bar shows the health.

Solo Play:

Here, there are two options to continue with- Survival and Training. As the name suggests, training helps you use basic control using the weapons. While Survival enables you to fight your opponents and get trained for Quickplay and Multiplayer.


Quick Play:

After you have taped on to the page click Ready. You may select your player if you wish to and then wait for the countdown before starting to play.

How to Play in Multiplayer Mode?

Soon after you and your friends join the Wifi Hotspot, choose Multiplayer and select LAN WIFI. After clicking to Death Match, use the Host option and choose your location in the Map. Join the game with everyone and shoot!

What are the Special Guns in Mini Militia?

Here is the list of all the guns from Mini Militia game.

  1. EMP
  4. UZI
  5. M14
  7. Shotgun
  9. SAW GUN
  11. GAS

Tips and Tricks during while Playing 

  1. When the game starts, do not run into a fight to kill someone. First get yourself fully equipped with good guns.
  2. Run opposite to the direction of Bomb thrown.
  3. Place sensor bombs in bushes.
  4. Reload when no one is around.
  5. Best Weapon combination shotgun + sniper.
  6. Always have 2 guns in hand.
  7. Try to attack other players already engaged in a fire. Easily killable because of their low health.
  8. Shoot into Bushes before passing through them. There may be enemies hiding behind it.
  9. You can kill a person with Shield by using melee (hand) button, grenade, and Rocket Launcher.
  10. With perfect block, you can even protect yourself from missile and saw cutter.


We all hate leggy players. But like it or not we have to encounter such players in almost always while playing online. Sometimes they move very fast and sometimes they get stuck in the air. When this happens, shoot them, when these players get out of lag they will die giving points to you.

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