Keith Moon Cause of Death (Autopsy Report) How Did He Die?

Today we are going to discuss Keith Moon cause of death and all related information through this article. Keith Moon, who was the most famous and influential English drummer of the Rock band the “WHO.”

He did a great unlimited rock band live with “WHO,” which helped reach the firm to the next level. But gradually, drinking and drug addiction impacted his career and even led to his death. Scroll down to know the detailed cause of his death.

Keith Moon Cause of Death

Over a period, this rocking figure started becoming anxious and depressed. Moon became addicted to drinking and drugs. For that, it created an impact on his performance.

Then, Moon began to take a powerful sedative after getting prescribed by the physician. But often, he took an overdose of it that led up to his death at an early age. Have a look through below to learn in-depth.

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How Did He Die?

On Sept. 7, 1978, Keith Moon died after an enjoyable party night. An overdose of pills mainly caused his death. The medication was Heminevrin which was prescribed to alleviate his alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Harley Street physician Dr. Geoffrey Dymond prescribed to him such a powerful sedative. He took about 32 clomethiazole tablets on the night he died.

After releasing “The Buddy Holly Story,” the film of Paul McCartney, he arranged a grand party at the Covent Garden diner Peppermint Park. Moon and his girlfriend, Annette Walter-Lax, attended that party night. Keith Moon took drinks at the party but limited himself, including Annette. After the whole party, they backed to their apartment and went to sleep. But before sleeping, he took his prescribed dose of Heminevrin in a large amount.

After waking up, Annette noticed Moon lying unconsciously over the side of his bed. Seeing that, she became panicked and called Dr. Dymond. He asked for an ambulance and took Moon to Middlesex Hospital immediately. But it was too late. After being hospitalized, doctors pronounced that he was no more.

Autopsy Report of Keith Moon

After death, the dead body of Moon was taken to the hospital morgue for autopsy. Then doctors revealed the causes of his death. Here we will uphold the reasons and related medical terms in the easiest way.Basically, Moon was literally depressed and took Clomethiazole to combat alcoholism.

In medical science, it is also known as chlormethiazole or heminevrin, which is used to prevent symptoms of acute alcoholism. That night, he also took an excessive amount of it unintentionally. The doctor found 26 undissolvedHeminevrin tablets still in his stomach during autopsy. This drug disabled his esophagus. For that, he could not vomit and died being suffocated.

The doctors declared the autopsy report as causing death by sedative overdose without suicidal evidence. He was prescribed to take one pill per day, at the most not more than three pills per day. But the excessive dose of this medication took away the Moon’s life at the age of only 32.

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We have assembled all pieces of information related to Keith Moon’s death. Hopefully, our comprehensive discussion has been much informative for you.


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