Zyzz Cause of Death (How did he die) Autopsy Report

In the year 2011, the world was left devastated by Zyzz cause of death. It’s not easy to go through losing someone so young and enthusiastic from the world, and everyone still mourns that dreadful moment.

In case, you don’t know much about this incident, let’s discuss what the cause of his death was and how it all happened below.

Zyzz cause of death

Aziz Shavershian, known as “Zyzz” was a bodybuilder, a personal trainer, and a model. He was born in Russian, but he was an Australian. His dedication to crafting his aesthetic body gained the attention of many people, and he gained so many fans on social media platforms.

He then started to post more videos and photos of him on Facebook and YouTube for engaging with his fans. But after some time, he died a tragic death at the age of 22. Losing such a young inspiration got viral on social media and everyone grieved over the unfortunate event.

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How did he die

Zyzz died of a heart attack, which was a Congenital heart defect. He was at Bangkok sauna when he had a heart attack, and he died there.

His mother said that he had an undiagnosed heart condition. That caused a cardiac arrest afterward and took his life. After having a heart attack, he was rushed to the hospital immediately. But the doctors weren’t able to help him anymore, and he took his last breath there.

What happened

The young bodybuilder died at the age of 22 from a heart attack. As we mentioned earlier, he had an undiagnosed heart condition. And he went to a sauna before his tragic death.

That likely has triggered cardiac arrest, and that’s how he passed away. It was in the Bangkok sauna where he had a heart attack and the doctors could not help him after that.

It was the day of 5 August 2011, and the news of his death brought a wave of grief to his fans. There was so much talk about him at that moment on all social media platforms.

People started paying him respect by posting in social media groups his fan arts, spreading his work to the masses. And his popularity skyrocketed after his death. People remember him with love to this day.

Autopsy report of Aziz Shavershian

As Zyzz was a bodybuilder, the use of steroids can be a common thing. But his Autopsy report didn’t show such a thing, and he didn’t die because of steroids. It’s confirmed by the doctors who did his postmortem.

Rather, his autopsy report showed congenital heart disorder, which lead to his death. Again, there was no admission of steroid use in the report.

Final Thoughts

The death of the young bodybuilder who became a social media influencer in the fitness universe was an awful surprise, and the world was not ready for it. He will be forever remembered and his work and contribution as one of the best fitness enthusiasts.


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