Juice Wrld Autopsy Report [Cause of Death]

A coroner’s report ruled that Juice WRLD, who rapped regarding his hardships with drug addiction before accomplishing stratospheric success, ended up dead of an unforeseen drug overdose during one December drug bust at Chicago’s Midway Airport. As per the Juice Wrld autopsy report, the rapper, real identity Jarad A. Higgins, died on December 8 as a consequence of oxycodone and codeine poisoning, according to the Cook County Coroner’s Office. He was 21 years old.

Juice Wrld Cause of Death

Juice WRLD now had many substances in his system when he died, but investigators also discovered other scattered meds on his body, as per the Juice Wrld autopsy report, and his partner recalled his dying hours in excruciating detail.

The Cook County Medical Inspector’s findings have been published, and it contains data on the medicines he had in his blood. Juice died after an overdose of Oxycontin and cocaine, as we initially disclosed. In his bloodstream, both at excessive levels.

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The Details of Juice Wrld Autopsy Report

That day, Juice was given multiple doses of Narcan. According to cops and the Juice Wrld Autopsy Report, a member of Juice’s team told doctors on the site it had already been delivered intranasally once. When the ambulance arrived, he was gushing from the lips and nose, according to officials.

As per the Chicago Fire Department, Juice went into cardiac arrest while being transported in an ambulance. They attempted CPR as well as more Narcan. They attempted an additional 2 MG Narcan dose whenever that didn’t seem to work.

The Juice Wrld Autopsy Report stated that FBI officers checked Juice’s bags, his partner, Alicia Leon, informed the police at Midway Airport that he “let out such a sigh and dropped to the ground.” Police eventually discovered 70 pounds of pot in various luggages aboard the private aircraft, as known.

Juice was not suffering from any ailment before the episodes, according to Alicia, but he’d been dealing with a Percocet dependency for the previous year. As we initially disclosed, other passengers on the airline informed investigators that when Federal agents initially went through security, Juice rapidly ingested multiple Percocet tablets.

A nurse discovered 9 Oxytocin tablets on him, in addition to the enormous cannabis stockpile, according to the Juice Wrld autopsy report. That seems strange, particularly to anyone who’s had a child. Oxytocin is a delight hormone that occurs naturally in the body, although it is widely used to induce delivery.

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More on Juice WRLD

According to the Chicago Tribune, law enforcement personnel were notified on Dec. 8 that Higgins’ private jet might have narcotics onboard. As Higgins and his crew arrived at Chicago’s Midway Airport, Federal agents and Chicago police officers were waiting.

As Higgins began hyperventilating, Chicago cops and FBI officers halted him to inspect the belongings. When his partner informed authorities that he “does Percocet and also has a problem with drugs,” an officer delivered Narcan twice. After already being transferred to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, Illinois, Higgins died at 3:14 a.m. on Dec. 8.


It is unfortunate that an accomplished and successful rapper like him had to fall victim to the drug overdose as per the Juice Wrld autopsy report. Juice WRLD had been in Australia for what would have been his final gigs before turning 21. He started the second week of the Spilt Milk Festival in Ballarat on Nov. 30, which was his final appearance.


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