Is Safety a Good Position in Football?

Safety in American football is an important and versatile position on the football field. As its name suggests, protection is the last line of defense. The safety’s job is to make sure no offensive player can run or touch. They are often the deepest players in the defense. This article will show you what the safety position does in football and the different safety positions. In the era of the spread offense, the safety position is arguably one of the most important positions in football.

A safety’s role in defense is to make sure no big plays happen. Big players often have plays of 20+ yards or more. If the offense can make a big play (otherwise known as an impact play), there is a high percentage chance of a field goal or touchdown. A safety’s build is often larger than a corner back’s but smaller than a linebacker’s. The safety position must utilize both tremendous speed as well as athleticism. Slow security is not ideal for the last line of defense. 

Is Safety a Good Position in Football?

Safety is one of the most challenging positions to play in football. The position can be considered a hybrid between a linebacker and a cornerback in many ways. As such, it requires a varied skill set and body type compared to many other positions. While there used to be a significant delineation between the types of players that were a good fit for a free safety and a good fit for a strong safety, that’s no longer the case.

Especially at the upper levels of the game, both safeties are expected to be strong in stopping the run and in coverage with the spread of high-powered spread offensive formations. This makes it easier to determine what type of player would make a good safety and gives coaches the flexibility to move a player from strong safety to free safety and vice versa. At the same time, though, today’s game crimes have made game security more difficult.

What Is A Safety In Football ?

A safety in football is a defensive player responsible for preventing deep passes from being completed. Most defensive formations have two safeties on the field. These two safeties will cover the deep side of the field and help cover the running back if he gets a handoff. The two security positions are referred to as free security and strong security.

Free Safety In Football

Free safety positions are common in most defensive structures. This player has a unique skill because they must cover the ground. Players who play free safety are often solo safety. When watching a football game, this player will often be the deepest player on the field. The name free safety comes from the fact that the safety is often free to cover the deeper part of the field. For example, in a Cover 1 scheme, the free safety supports any deep pass. They don’t necessarily have an assignment but help cover the middle of the field.

Strong Safety In Football

Strong security is slightly different from free security. This safeties are often built like linebackers; However, they have a safety speed. These players play both run and pass, but mainly run. They get their name at strong safety because they have to be strong and play the run from deep. Often, the strong safety will play the same depth as a free safety but is responsible for playing a gap or run fit.

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