How To Play Clone Hero On ps4

How To Play Clone Hero On ps4. Clone Hero is an incredibly fun indie rhythm game developed by Ryan Foster, first launched on PS4 on April 1, 2020. The game is a direct clone of the popular guitar hero franchise. So much so that its predecessor became known as a “clone”. Clone Hero is a free rhythm game that can be played with any 5 or 6 button guitar controller. Game controller or just your standard computer keyboard. Download the game, copy your song chart to song folder and enjoy for hours on end.

How To Play Clone Hero On ps4

Clone Hero currently has guitar (single, co-op track and rhythm), GH: live guitar (6 notes), bass and 5 lane key instruments available for playing. The drums are planned for the future but are not yet implemented. There will be 4 lane drums, however, which is the rock band standard. Guitar Hero Drums (5 lanes) will be usable, the orange palm will be just another green note. That being said, microphone support is not planned for the moment. It may come in the future after all the key elements of the game have come out, and there is a way to track the vocals, but don’t expect it right now.

How you connect your wired Guitar Hero controller to your PC depends on whether you have a PS4 or Xbox version of the controller. For the PS4 version, buy a PS4 USB adapter from an online retailer like eBay or Amazon and connect it to your controller cable. Plug the USB end of the adapter into the USB port of your computer For the Xbox version. You can simply plug the USB end of the controller cable into an available USB port on your computer. Windows will automatically download the necessary drivers for your controller and tell you when the controller is ready to use.

Free Version of Clone Hero

The free version of this game does not include all of the paid version options. So you may want to purchase the full version to get unlockable skins and songs that are not included in the free version. There are also issues that do not pop up in the free version. But they are rare and do not affect the performance of the game very badly. Overall, the Clone Hero game is a very enjoyable and addictive rhythm game. It doesn’t require much knowledge of music to play well, but a little practice can help you master the game.

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