GP Minute Offer 2024 | All GP Minute Pack Activation Code

Grameenphone Minute Offer

GP Minute Offer 2024 | All GP Minute Pack Activation Code. Today I will discuss with you the excellent GP Offer Minute 2024 . GP has adapted their official website with new minute offers for 2024 . They have come up with new minute offer in this package. All GP prepaid customers can enjoy these minute offers. Currently, offers for this minute have been collected from the GP’s official website. You can get all GP attractive minute offers at cheap prices from this website. If you want to buy all the minute offers, read the details.

Nothing to say about the GP minute offer. GP always comes up with exciting offers for valued users. At the moment, GP has more users than any other operator in Bangladesh. In this article, I am going to share with you all the activation codes of the minute package. I have also added validation and balance checking system. If you are looking for them then you can proceed with the article.

GP Minute Offers 2024

GP Minute Pack Offer 2024 , All Bundle Pack! The Grameenphone Minute Package is a big update and changes almost every bundle pack. GP New Minute Package 2024 , Updated Minute Bundle Pack 2024 . You will get clear information about Grameenphone Minute offer from this article. You will be thrilled to learn that Grameenphone has recently updated its minute offer. In this update, they have included some nice minute offers for their customers. Following their announcement, we are going to provide All GP Minutes Pack activation code with details. You can easily buy any minute pack as per your requirement.

Grameenphone Minute Offer 2024

If you are looking for a list of Grameenphone minute offers then you are at the right place, you will find every GP voice offer here. As one of the best telecommunication companies in Bangladesh, Grameenphone offers the best offers to its customers. According to Grameenphone official website we have created Grameenphone Minute Offer / GP Minute Pack List 2024 .

The best GP minute offer 2024 is waiting for you. GP Minute package and GP Minute bundle are included in the offer list of GP Minute. From this post, you will get latest GP Minute Pack offered by Grameenphone. This popular mobile network always publishes various types of minute offers for their regular customers. If you are a Grameenphone user then you can easily enjoy these GP minutes. The company offers low to high priced GP minute packages as per customer demand. If you are a low volume user you can choose a low priced GP minute pack and if you are a high volume mobile user you can buy a high priced GP minute bundle. We have very clearly published all GP minute offers 2024 on this page. So, you can easily choose the minute pack you want.

GP Minute Offer List Below

Total Minutes Data Price Active Code Validity
10 Minutes Tk. 5.70 *121*4024# 06 hours
25 Tk. 14 *121*4001# 16 hours
40 Tk. 24 *121*4002# 24 hours
70 Tk. 44 *121*4003# 4 days
85 + 50 SMS Tk. 53 * 121 * 4004 # 07 days
100 Tk. 59 * 121 * 4205 # 07 days
130 Tk. 78 *121*4026# 07 days
125 Tk. 78 * 121 * 4026 # 07 days
160 Tk. 99 * 111 * 300 # 07 days
200 Tk. 113 *121*4007# 10 days
340 Tk. 199 *121*4018# 30 days
410 Tk. 237 *121*4008# 15 days
500 Minutes Tk. 288 *121*5074# 30 days

GP Recharge Minute Packs

Recharge Amount Pack Details Validity
14 BDT Recharge 23 Minute 16 Hours
24 BDT Recharge 40 Minute 24 Hours
44 BDT Recharge 70 Minute 4 Days
53 BDT Recharge 85 Minute 7 Days
59 BDT Recharge 100 Minute 7 Days
78 BDT Recharge 125 Minute 7 Days
99 BDT Recharge 160 Minute 7 Days
117 BDT Recharge 200 Minute 10 Days
199 BDT Recharge 330 Minute 30 Days
233 BDT Recharge 400Minute 15 Days
288 BDT Recharge 500 Minute 30 Days

GP Special Call Rate Offer

GP gives users special call rate opportunities. If you are not interested in the minute pack, you can try this option. With this opportunity, you can enjoy 48 paisa / min for any local operator. You need to recharge 48 rupees. Recharged balance will not decrease. This offer is not available to skitto users. You can easily check the validity by dialing * 121 * 1 * 2 #. Users can enjoy it as many times as they like. Offer will remain until further notice.

1 Poisha/Sec to Any Operator

This is another option for GP users to save a lot of money. We know that GP costs more than others if you call without activating an offer pack. If you want to talk to the desired person without offering minutes, this is for you. It’s like minutes because it can be applied to any operator. The system will be activated by recharging a certain amount. If you want to enjoy more validity, you need to recharge more.Here is List:

  • 21 TK for 2 days validity
  • 29 TK for 3 days validity
  • 39 TK for 5 days validity
  • 49 TK for 7 days validity
  • 79 TK for 10 days validity
  • 109 TK for 30 days validity
  • 209 TK for 60 days validity

GP 10 Minute at 6 Taka Offer

The GP 10 minute offer is a very popular shortcut minute pack on the GP Network. The actual price of this GP minute pack is 6 rupees. The duration of this minipack is 6 hours. This is a kind of emergency minute pack. The dialing code for purchasing this minute offer is * 121 * 4024 #. You can use this minute volume with any local operator number.

GP 23 Minutes Offer at 14 Taka

If you think you are eligible, dial * 121 * 4001 # to buy this GP 23 Minute Pack. Because, as far as I know, this 23 minute offer does not apply to Skitto users. Check out this list to see if you’re eligible. Users are allowed to purchase this minute pack.

GP 37 Minute Offer at 24 Taka

As an authorized customer, you need to dial * 121 * 4002 # to buy the GP 37 minute offer for 24 Taka. You can use these minutes on any local number within Bangladesh. Here too you will get a 10 second pulse as given in the previous minute pack. To check the remaining balance, just dial * 121 * 1 * 2 # and you will get the result on your screen.

GP 67 Minutes Offer at 44 Taka

To avail this 67 minute offer at 44 taka, you need to dial * 121 * 4003 # and * 121 * 1 * 2 # is the code that you can use whenever you want to check the remaining balance. The 10-second pulse in this minute pack is also available here.

GP 90 Minutes Offer at 59 Taka

Here we are presenting Grameenphone’s weekly minute offer. You will get 90 minutes by reducing 59 rupees. Customers will get 7 days validity. The activation process is to recharge Tk 59 or buy this pack through MyGP application.

GP 100 Minute Offer at 64 Taka

If you want to take a nice minute offer. Grameenphone has announced a 100 minute talktime offer. This is a great minute offer which is a favorite and cheap price for everyone You can buy this minute pack for only 64 taka. You get 100 minutes with a validity of 07 days.

GP 200 Minute offer

GP 200 minute offer This is Grameenphone’s most popular minute offer. You can buy in an easy way just dial * 121 * 4007 # validity 10 days. The price of this pack is 117 taka.

GP 300 Minute offer

GP 300 minute offer This is Grameenphone’s most popular minute offer. You can buy in an easy way just dial * 121 * 4018 # validity 30 days. The price of this pack is 199 taka.

GP 500 Minute offer

GP 500 minute offer This is Grameenphone’s most popular minute offer. You can buy in an easy way just dial * 121 * 5074 # validity 30 days. The price of this pack is 288 taka.

GP 1000 Minute offer

GP 1000 minute offer This is Grameenphone’s most popular minute offer. You can buy in an easy way just dial * 121 * 5130 # validity 30 days. The price of this pack is 574 taka.

GP Minute Check Procedures

At the end of the validity period, the remaining minutes will be forfeited if you do not worry about it. So, it is really important to check the remaining balance regularly. The USSD code is almost the same for every minute offer. Just dial * 121 * 1 * 2 # and you will get an instant notification on your screen about the remaining balance of the purchased talktime.

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