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GP Internet Offer 2024 | GP Internet Package Code & Offer Check. New GP Internet Offer 2024 for all users. Grameenphone is offering Best Internet Offer and GP MB Offer for its valued customers. Grameenphone is the most popular internet provider in Bangladesh. GP Internet Offer offers a variety of internet packages at very low prices. We publish updated information about all Internet packages around the clock. In this post, you will find details about all GP MB Offer 2024 and GP Internet Offer Activation Code.

If you want to get all the latest GP internet offers in 2024. You will find all the latest Grameenphone Internet Packages from this post. Grameenphone is one of the best mobile companies in Bangladesh. They are providing great service to their customers. Most users want the best internet package and the best minute package for their daily use. Gp is ​​only a mobile company they are offering the best Gp internet offer and the best Gp minute offer every day. I am writing about all GP internet offers for Grameenphone users and visitors will get full details about GP internet offers.

GP Internet Offer 2024

GP Internet offer is available for all prepaid and postpaid customers. If you are a GP customer, you can get GP Internet Offer from here. See the list below and choose one of the offers? Here we have given all the internet offers of GP and published each offer in a separate section. There we also published daily internet offers, weekly internet offers and monthly internet offers. Moreover here you will find social internet and IMO pack. See the list below and choose one of the offers.

Grameenphone Daily Internet Offer

Dear friends, today I have compiled a list of Grameenphone’s daily internet offers. This list contains the best internet offers that you can buy at cheap prices. If you want to buy good and regular internet offers, you can buy the following internet offers. Here are all the data offers of GP for a period of 03 days.

Data Volume Data Price Activation Code Validity
5MB Tk. 2.74 *121*3002# 3 days
512MB Tk. 28 *121*3256# 3 days
1GB (512MB + 512MB 4G) Tk. 38 *121*3366# 3 days
1GB Tk. 46 *121*3399# 3 days
2.5GB (2GB+512MB 4G) Tk. 57 *121*3242# 3 days
3.5GB (3GB+512MB 4G) Tk. 69 *121*3282# 3 days
4.5GB (3GB+1.5GB 4G) Tk. 76 MY GP Apps 3 days

Grameenphone Weekly Internet offer

Today I bring you GP weekly internet offer. I hope you like this internet offer. Here are the best internet offers at the lowest prices. Every Grameenphone customer can buy all these internet offers. Below is a list of internet offers.

Data Volume Data Price Activation Code Validity
1GB Tk. 77 *121*3056# 7 days
2GB Tk. 98 *121*3322# 7 days
5GB (4GB+1GB) Tk. 114 *121*3344# 7 days
6GB (4G) Tk. 124 *121*3434# 7 days
8GB Tk. 148 *121*3262# 7 days
12GB (10GB + 2GB 4G) Tk. 198 *121*3133# 7 days

Grameenphone Monthly Internet offer

Most of the high volume data users want to buy GP monthly package. Because it is most important for long term package. Basically all freelancers or office workers want to buy Gp monthly package for their daily use. Now I am writing the details of the new GP monthly internet package. So all Grameenphone users can easily buy Gp monthly package from this instruction.

Data Volume Data Price Activation Code Validity
1GB Tk. 189 *121*3282# 30 days
3GB Tk. 289 *121*3391# 30 days
5GB Tk. 299 *121*3458# 30 days
8GB Tk. 349 *121*3474# 30 days
10GB  (2GB 4G) Tk. 399 *121*3392# 30 days
10GB 4G (300 Min) Tk. 599 *121*3448# 30 days
15GB Tk. 498 *121*3459# 30 days
20GB (4G) Tk. 499 *121*3435# 30 days
25GB 4G + 600min Tk. 989 *121*3450# 30 days
25GB (5GB 4G) Tk. 649 *121*3393# 30 days
50GB (20GB 4G) Tk. 998 *121*3394# 30 days
60GB (4G) Tk. 999 *121*3436# 30 days
100GB (4G) Tk. 1499 *121*3437# 30 days
200GB (4G) Tk. 1999 *121*3438# 30 days
2GB (Skype, Zoom) Tk. 83 *121*3463# 30 days
4GB (Skype, Zoom) Tk. 261 *121*3403# 30 days
10GB (Skype, Zoom) Tk. 435 *121*3404# 30 days

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