Free Fire World Series 2022 Schedule, Prize Pool & APK

Free Fire is one of the most popular and highly rated mobile games in today’s world. For its popularity among gamers, Garena International, the developer of the free Fire, organizes the free fire world series for the 2nd time. In continuation of this, this year, also Free Fire World Series 2022 is going to be held on May 22nd in Singapore.

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About the Tournament and Teams

In 2022, Free Fire World Series 2022 is the first global competitive tournament. Free Fire World Series 2022 will start on May 22nd and end on May 29th. The battle will be held between 22 teams from 14 regional series. Among them, 12 teams will directly play the final on May 29th.

Play-ins will be held among the remaining teams, and the top two teams will qualify for the finals. The teams are qualifying for the play-in are mostly those teams, which stood second in their regional competitive battle. The team with the most kills and ranking of the six rounds in three maps will be considered a champion.

Free Fire World Series 2022

The teams which are participating in Free Fire World Series 2022 play-in are given below:

  • Singularity Invincible from Pro League CIS
  • DEA from Arab League
  • Team TG from Pro League Pakistan
  • vaiXourar from Europe Pro League
  • Riot from Bangladesh Championship
  • LOUD from Brazilian Free Fire League
  • Team Elite from India Championship
  • First Raiders Bravo from Indonesia Masters
  • God’s Plan from League Latinoamerica
  • Attack All Around from Pro League Thailand
  • NEWGANK from Singapore Championship
  • HQ Esports from Arena of Survival – Vietnam

Teams that are going to play finals directly are given below:

  • LGDS from Spring Cup – Taiwan
  • VIP Esports from Arab League
  • Silence from Pro League CIS
  • Fluxo from Brazilian Free Fire League
  • Geek Fam from MCP Majors – SEA
  • Galaxy Racer from India Championship
  • EVOS Esports ID from Indonesia Masters
  • Team Aze from League Latinoamerica
  • EVOS Esports TH from Pro League Thailand
  • Burst the Sky from Arena of Survival – Vietnam

Noted that Team Elite and Team Galaxy racer both are from India. Both of the teams will not be able to participate in the tournament because of Covid-19 Flying restrictions.

Free Fire World Series 2022 Prize Pool

Free Fire World Series 2022 will break the prize pool history in games. As it was the most downloaded game in 2022, both from the play store and apple store, the developer set the highest amount to prize money for its 2nd edition. It is Two Million US dollars ($2000000).

The 1st edition in 2022, which was held in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, was watched by more than two million people. The money will be distributed among all the teams, and it will reveal soon. The champion team will receive $500,000.

Again, two teams from India cannot join the tournament, and they will also receive their portion from the prize pool.

Free Fire World Series 2022 APK

The new update of Free Fire is known as free fire World Series 2022. The update has come up with many changes. This updated version is now available in all app stores. The new version 1.60.1 was updated on April 8th, 2022. The latest update has brought some new items, gun skins, characters, and game modes. The developers also nerf some overpowered characters. “Bermuda Remastered” is finally added.


There is no matter of suspect that the developers are giving the proper value to their players. Garena International is creating and providing more opportunities for its players, which makes the game not only more popular but also more competitive. It is expected that Free Fire World Series 2022 is going to be one of the most impressive tournaments in the gaming world.


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