Farmers’ Consumer Awareness Day 2022 Activities, Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings & Wallpaper

Farmers’ Consumer Awareness Day 2022 Activities, Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings & Wallpaper. Farmers Consumer Awareness Day is the second Saturday in September, September 11 this year. It is a holiday created to give the public an idea about the life and work of farmers. It is usually hosted in Quincy but has nationwide appeal. The holiday provides excellent insights into agriculture through a variety of fun activities. These include parades, fun races, entertainment, exhibitions, farm equipment displays, art and talent displays, agricultural tours and much more.

History of Farmers’ Consumer Awareness Day

It all started in 1981 when Paul Harvey was narrating an incident on the radio. It was about a woman who faced a grocer about the seemingly high price of food. Knowing nothing about farming, he could not imagine the great and wonderful work that the farmers did. Quincy farmer Dennis Higashiyama was listening that day, and he took immediate action. It was clear that most consumers were far away from farmers and did not know where their food came from.

They do not know what they do in agriculture. And they don’t know about the special people behind agriculture. Dennis Higashiyama thought of a way to bring the farmer closer to the public. Therefore, Farmers Consumer Awareness Day was born for that purpose. It was started out of a desire to show the public as actually farmers. The holiday has been successful in bringing people together to celebrate the importance of farmers. But it was also a very fun holiday, and a number of activities were added to the celebration.

How To Celebrate Farmers’ Consumer Awareness Day

You can attend the main event held in Quincy. If you live far away, you can visit a farm near you and try to get some insights about farming. Farmers plant and produce the food we eat. They are our heroes and they deserve respect and praise. You can easily do some research and start your own farm. It doesn’t have to be something big.

Why We Love Farmers’ Consumer Awareness Day

Farmers Consumer Awareness Day helps to create more awareness about the importance of farmers. This celebration helps us to witness the joy of farming. Farming is very interesting. It is good to know the source of our grocery store. Also, it is very interesting to hear from farmers.

Farmers’ Consumer Awareness Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 September 10 Saturday
2023 September 9 Saturday
2024 September 14 Saturday
2025 September 13 Saturday
2026 September 12 Saturday

Farmers’ Consumer Awareness Day 2022 Wishes And Messages

Farmers are the real heroes because with their dedication and effort, the turn a barren land into a land that produces food. Wishing Them All Happy Farmer’s Day.

Farmer’s Day reminds us to acknowledge and thank each and every farmer of the nation for his unconditional dedication….. Best wishes on Farmer’s Day to you.

Let us all appreciate the farmers’ tremendous dedication and effort as they are the true heroes of our nation. Without them, we had to pass our days hungry.

Hard work of a farmer is consistent in every weather and season and that’s why we have food on our plates every day…. Best wishes on Farmer’s Day!

They are the ones who put their heart and soul into the soil to give it life and give us food…. Let us thank them for their efforts and salute their hard work…. Happy Farmer’s Day

We should never forget how important farming is and it’s magic by producing money from the mud.

Thank you for working so hard and supporting us throughout to have a proper meal on our plates. Respect to all farmers on National Farmer’s Day!

The first and the foremost person we should thank for food on our plates are the farmers. Warm wishes on Farmers Day.

Celebrate the day with great spirit. Celebrate it with every enthusiasm because of No farmer, No Nature.

Farmers’ Consumer Awareness Day 2022 Quotes

“Khush naseeb hain hum log jinhone aise desh mein janam liya jahan kisan ka darja sabse upar hai.”

“Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan!!! Desh ki mitti ko apne khoon pasene se jo seenche woh hai kisan!!!”

“Let us take inspiration from Indian farmers who put their sweat and soul in their land and crop…. Best wishes on Farmer’s Day.”

“Farmer’s Day reminds us to take inspiration from hard working Indian farmers who never give up on their crop and work hard to grow it.

“You are really blessed if you are a farmer because you are doing the most wonderful job in the world… to grow food for others.”

“I am really proud to be born in a nation where agriculture is the soul…. Best wishes on Farmer’s Day to you.”

“Let us salute all the farmers for all the hard work they put in to make sure that we never sleep hungry. Happy Farmers Day.

“The first and the foremost person we should thank for food on our plates are the farmers. Warm wishes on Farmers Day.”

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