Fakir Shaheb Biography, Family, Songs, Net Worth & Life Style

Fakir Shaheb Biography, Family, Songs, Net Worth & Life Style. He is not a radio-TV listed artist. His songs were not recorded in modern equipment and studios. Even then, millions of people are listening to his songs on YouTube. He is Mr. Fakir. A student of the 43rd batch of the Department of Drama and Drama Theory at Jahangirnagar University.

Everyone used to call Fakir. The younger sister was very beautiful. The name is Beauty. Then I became. Aina used to beg me for seven houses, so that I could live. Then my name was Fakir. When I stood up a little, my handwriting was beautiful, I was first in various competitions, my mother made me stand inside a philosophy. Mom was saying, ‘Dad, you have some Sahebi activities. You are the master. ‘Since then I have been the master of Fakir. The original name was Wazkuruni Fakir. Home in Bhotamari union of Hatibandha upazila of Lalmonirhat.

Fakir Shaheb Family & Early Life

His real name was Wazkuruni Fakir. The house is in Votamari union of Hatibandha upazila of Lalmonirhat. Fakhir Study At Lalmanirhat High School. Later he got 4.73 (GPA) from Commerce.  He was admitted to Alimuddin Degree College. Fakhir Shaheb Finacial Condition is not good. He is very poor. Hats why After Passing HSC exam he works at garment factory. In Safipur (Gazipur) Garcenselia Kharai will stay. I’m in a bad mood. It was a month Quality development Salary five thousand Taka.

Fakir Shaheb Music Guru

He has a teacher Ashraf Bhandari. His teacher Read thick thick book But the man has no certificate. He used to sell vegetable seeds. I used to stay at his house when I was in college. There used to be music. He used to take me to different places on his bicycle at night to listen to music.

Fakhir Shaheb Early Life Work

He used to work in a garage on the bypass. Let’s fix the motorcycle. Whenever there is a shortage of money, go. Fakhir was learning to work motorcycle in Dhaka. He had a very good relationship with a boy when he saw him riding a bike while working in a hotel. Fakhir used to go to different garages with him.

Fakhir Shaheb Viral Song

There was a huge temple next to the house. Radhakrishna Temple. Rasmeela is. I used to sing there. Every evening in the temple there were various songs including kirtan of verses. I remember a song, ‘Have mercy this time Vaishnava Gosai.’ Baba also used to sing. The name is Bhikkhu Sadhu. Was a monk. I used to go to various treasure hunts in Teesta Char. When the separation song was sung in the middle of the night, people were crying.

Listen to recorded songs. All the songs you are watching on my mobile, all recordings. Recorded at an event. When I had time, I asked the artist, what is the philosophy of your song? Sing more songs about Marfati, Baul, folk, physiology. I like to sing on an empty throat. Duronto TV has a show called ‘Away from the City’. I went to Sonadia Island to shoot that show.

Fakhir Shaheb Net Worth

Fakir Shaheb net worth has no idea. Its a Unknown Source. But we got a News. He doesn’t have the money for the song. Currently, We doesn’t have no idea his earning.

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