Dana White Biography, Net Worth, Wiki, Career, Family, Wife, Age, Height, Weight & Life Story

Dana White Biography & Net Worth

Dana White Biography, Net Worth, Wiki, Career, Family, Wife, Age, Height, Weight & Life Story. Dana Frederick White Jr. is an American business executive serving as the current president of the Ultimate Fighting Championships, the world’s largest mixed martial arts organization. Under his leadership, UFC has become a popular multi billion-dollar enterprise worldwide. In August 2019, White total value was estimated at $500 million.

Dana White Biography

Dana White has become a household name among fans of the fight. The UFC Juggernaut has grown from a bellboy to one of the most aggressive, ruthless and successful traders in the world. If White had not existed, there probably would not have been a UFC that we see now. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Clearly, White played a key role in the UFC’s success. White was born in Boston, but he did not stay long. After being threatened by robbers for money, he moved to Las Vegas, where he bought a UFC with the help of the Fertita brothers. They bought the company for 2 million and installed White as president.

Under White’s leadership, the company prospered. Prior FC, WEC, and other promotions, such as Strike Force, were purchased by UFC parent company Pride. In the Zuffa era, White owned 9% of the company. In the end, the UFC was sold to Endeavor. However, White is still president, and he now owns a significant portion of the UFC. In addition to promoting fights and hyping warriors, White is a skilled gambler. The UFC president even lowered his gambling limit after winning too many at a casino.

Dana White Net Worth

Dana White Net Worth is $500 Million. His salary is estimated at at least $20 million per year. $500 million total value of Dana White justifies her fancy lifestyle. He lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. There is a palace named after the UFC president. There are three huge white buildings in the tourist hills enclave of Las Vegas. White further hinted that he could buy a house or a condo in Abu Dhabi for business and pleasure.

Dana White has become a household name among fans. The UFC Juggernaut has grown from a bellhope to the most aggressive, ruthless and successful trader worldwide. If White hadn’t existed, there probably wouldn’t have been the UFC we see now.

Dana White Salary, Income & Earnings

As of 2022, the total value of Dana White is about $500 million, most of which comes from sponsors, TV deals and per-view-pay. In 2015, the UFC’s total revenue was $600 million, and six years later in 2015, sports revenue was $5.1 billion, indicating impressive growth.

White earns $20 million a year, as well as a small stake in the UFC. The 52-year-old owns a car, a Ferrari F430, a 1969 Chevy Camaro and a Bentley. As his reputation grew, White bought several palaces, including a house in Pine Island Court, Las Vegas, in 2006 from Frank Fertita III for $1.95 million.

Dana White Early life and education

White was born in Manchester, Connecticut on July 28, 1969, the son of June and Dana White. He and his sister, Kelly, were raised by their mother and her family for most of their childhood. White is an Irish American. He started boxing at the age of 17 and graduated from Harmon High School in Maine in 1987. He started college twice, once at Quincy College and once at Eumas Boston, but dropped out each time in his first semester. White then worked as a boxing coach.

Dana White Fighting Championship Career

While working as a manager for Ortiz and Liddell, White met Bob Mearovitz, owner of Semafor Entertainment Group, the parent company of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. When White learned that Merovitz wanted to sell UFCs, he contacted his childhood friend Lorenzo Fartitta, an executive and co-founder of Station Casino and former commissioner of the Nevada State Athletic Commission, to find out if he was interested in acquiring the company. In January 2001, Lorenzo and his older brother Frank acquired the UFC for $2 million, which later became a subsidiary of Zuffa. White was appointed president of the company.

In May 2017, the UFC announced that White would host Dana White’s competing series. Available only through UFC Fight Pass, the promotional digital streaming service, and licensed separately from the UFC brand, this show gives up and incoming fighters the opportunity to showcase their talents in the hope that they will one day compete in the UFC.

Dana White Family, Wife & Personal Life

White met his wife, Anne, when they were in eighth grade, and they married in 1996. They have two sons, Dana III and Aidan, and a daughter, Savannah. White values ​​her privacy and keeps Anne out of the public spotlight. White bought a mansion from Frank Fertita III in Pine Island Court in Las Vegas in 2006 for $1.95 million. He bought three more buildings in the same area from October 2016 to June 2017 for a total of about $ 6.2 million. The demolition was allowed for homes, probably with the intention of creating a mega-mansion for White and his family.

Dana White Wiki & Bio

Age 52
Born 7-28-69
Height 5’11”
Net Worth $500 million
Salary  $20 million
Position  UFC President
Spouse  Anne White
Kids  Dana III, Aidan, Savannah

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