Copa America 2022 Match Fixture & Schedule India Time

The South American Football Confederation (Conmbel) has changed the original schedule of the Copa America 2022, with nine-time champions Brazil playing their Group B match in the opening match against Venezuela on June 13 or 14 in India. Postponed from last year due to the COVID-19 epidemic, 10 teams will take part in the competition after Australia and Qatar return and withdraw due to stagnant crowds.

Originally the tournament was jointly hosted by Argentina and Colombia, but Conmbel announced that Brazil would now host the entire tournament. Argentina was removed from hosting the 2022 Copa America due to a growing coronavirus case in the country. Earlier, Colombia had to remain unharmed as hosts due to ongoing protests in the country.

Before the tournament, Colombia and Argentina were supposed to be co-hosts, but the Covid-19 epidemic has left Colombia and Argentina in the lurch, and the tournament will now be played for the whole of Brazil. Here are the details of updated fixtures, game times and television promotions in India.

Copa America 2022 Venues

This year’s Copa America matches will be played in nine different stadiums in Argentina and Colombia. Argentina is the host team of group A and Colombia is the host of group B. The Venues of Copa America 2022 are listed below.

City Country Venue Capacity
Buenos Aires Argentina Estadio Monumental 66,269
Córdoba Argentina Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes 57,000
Mendoza Argentina Estadio Malvinas Argentinas 38,500
Santiago del Estero Argentina Esadio Único 30,000
Barranquilla Colombia Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Meléndez 46,692
Bogotá Colombia Estadio El Campín 36,343
Cali Colombia Estadio Olímpico Pascual Guerrero 46,000
Medellín Colombia Atanasio Girardot Sports Complex 44,739


Copa America 2022 Groups

There are twelve teams participating in the 2022 edition of Copa America 2022 Team’s Group is shared below. All the teams and groups are listed here one by one. The Copa America 2022 Group list is here below.

Group Team Group Team
A Argentina B Colombia
A Paraguay B Brazil
A Bolivia B Peru
A Uruguay B Venezuela
A Chile B Ecuador

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Copa America 2022 Match Fixture & Schedule India Time

Date Match Venue Kickoff time (in IST)
Monday, June 14 Brazil vs Venezuela Mane Garrincha 2:30 AM
Monday, June 14 Colombia vs Ecuador Arena Pantanal 5:30 AM
Tuesday, June 15 Argentina vs Chile Nilton Santos 2:30 AM
Tuesday, June 15 Paraguay vs Bolivia Olimpico 5:30 AM
Friday, June 18 Colombia vs Venezuela Olimpico 2:30 AM
Friday, June 18 Peru vs Brazil Nilton Santos 5:30 AM
Saturday, June 19 Chile vs Bolivia Arena Pantanal 2:30 AM
Saturday, June 19 Argentina vs Uruguay Mane Garrincha 5:30 AM
Monday, June 21 Venezuela vs Ecuador Nilton Santos 2:30 AM
Monday, June 21 Colombia vs Peru Olimpico 5:30 AM
Tuesday, June 22 Uruguay vs Chile Arena Pantanal 2:30 AM
Tuesday, June 22 Argentina vs Paraguay Mane Garrincha 5:30 AM
Thursday, June 24 Ecuador vs Peru Olimpico 2:30 AM
Thursday, June 24 Colombia vs Brazil Nilton Santos 5:30 AM
Friday, June 25 Bolivia vs Uruguay Arena Pantanal 2:30 AM
Friday, June 25 Chile vs Paraguay Mane Garrincha 5:30 AM
Monday, June 28 Brazil vs Ecuador Olimpico 2:30 AM
Monday, June 28 Venezuela vs Peru Mane Garrincha 2:30 AM
Tuesday, June 29 Uruguay vs Paraguay Nilton Santos 5:30 AM
Tuesday, June 29 Bolivia vs Argentina Arena Pantanal 5:30 AM


Date Match Venue Kickoff time (in IST)
Saturday, July 3 2B vs 3A Olimpico 2:30 AM
Saturday, July 3 1B vs 4A Nilton Santos 5:30 AM
Sunday, July 4 2A vs 3B Mane Garrincha 3:30 AM
Sunday, July 4 1A vs 4B Olimpico 6:30 AM


Date Match Venue Kickoff time (in IST)
Tuesday, July 6 WQF1 vs WQF2 Nilton Santos 4:30 AM
Wednesday, July 7 WQF3 vs WQF4 Mane Garrincha 6:30 AM


Date Match Venue Kickoff time (in IST)
Saturday, July 10 LSF2 vs LSF1 Mane Garrincha 5:30 AM


Date Match Venue Kickoff time (in IST)
Saturday, July 11 WSF2 vs WSF1 Maracana 5:30 AM


Where to watch Copa America 2022 live in India?

Copa America will be broadcast live on Sony Ten2 and Sony TN2 HD TV channels in India. Sony Ten 4 and Sony SIX will broadcast the match in regional languages. India’s Copa America live streaming will be available on the Sunlive platform. Sony Sports Networks India is the exclusive broadcast partner of UEFA Euro 2022 and India’s Copa America 2022. You can watch the match live on Sony channels You can watch live streaming of UEF Euro 2022 and Copa America 2022 matches in India on Sony LIV.

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