Coin Master Cards Sets List 2022 | All rare cards collection list

Coin Master Cards List

Coin Master Cards List 2022 | All rare cards collection list. Coin Master Cards is one of the rare items you will find during the game. However, these are very important, and in the long run, some of these collections can be of great benefit to you. Did you know that there are very rare cards in the Coin Master game that will give you short, medium and long term benefits? Yes, during the game, you can collect groups of cards that make a profit for you to achieve later, for example, currency toss. So it’s important that you figure out what those cards will be through a list Note that the rarity levels vary depending on their value or not. For that reason a classification can be made.

This is a simple but exciting game where each player must collect coins to upgrade and create their Viking Village. However, getting bonuses and coins in this game is not very easy. You can either loot another village or complete the card collection to get bonus coins. Cards are collectible items in the game and each collection contains nine cards.

What is Coin Master Cards?

Generally speaking, you can unlock the first wave of Coin MasterCard as you go through the game. You tend to unlock a new card when you go through the village, upgrade their buildings completely and move on. The first card you will unlock is in Village 3, which means you have to completely upgrade and complete the Forest Village and Desert Village before you can get your first card. From there, you’ll unlock cards at sporadic intervals as you progress through the village. Subsequent cards are unlocked in Gram 5, Gram 7, Gram 12 and many more.

How Do I Get More Coin Master Cards?

As such a desirable in-game item, you will no doubt want to collect as many Coin Master Cards as possible. The good news is that there are many ways to get more cards into your collection. First and foremost, you can unlock cards via random spins that form the basis of Coin Master’s gameplay. Once you reach Village 3 and unlock the first two sets of cards, you’ll have the opportunity to roll these cards in a random spinner. This is the most common way to get a card, as you collect spins waiting for the timer to run out and spin the contents of your heart for coins, chances of a raid and much more.

Coin Master Rare Card List 2022

Pets Coin Master Cards List Set

  • Alpaca Card
  • Mighty Bull Card
  • Puddy Cat Card
  • Holy Cow Card
  • Fluffy Panda Card
  • Kitty Tiger Card
  • Deer Card
  • Best Friends Card
  • Funky Penguin Card

Statues Card Set List

  • Sultan Card
  • Caveman Joe Card
  • Golden Emperor Card
  • Troy Card
  • Kangaroo Card
  • Walrus King Card
  • Neptune Card
  • Funky Totem Card
  • Water Girl Card

Beasts Card Set List

  • Reef Guardian Card
  • Emu Card
  • Snoozy Camel Card
  • Mighty Eagle Card
  • MC Buffalo Card
  • Ocean King Card
  • Asian Elephant Card
  • El Tiger Card
  • Mighty Lion Card

Items Card Set List

  • Treasure Map Card
  • Book of Spells Card
  • Space Quest Card
  • Lucky Strike Card
  • Magical Lamp Card
  • White Pearl Card
  • Pinata Card
  • Tomahawk Card
  •  Last Chest Card

Creatures Card Set List

  • Coin Gatherer Card
  • Blue Beak Card
  •  Dino Card
  • Moon Crawler Card
  • Greedy Dragon Card
  • Ghost Dog Card
  • Lady Truffle Card
  • Chinese Dragon Card
  • Fire Bird Card

Sweets Card Set List

  • Chocolate Truffle Card
  • Sugar Rush Card
  • Cupcake Card
  • Doughnut Card
  • Gummy Bear Card
  • Ice Cream Card
  • Lemon Pie Card
  • Chocolate Bar Card
  • Coin Master Card

Bling Bling Card Set List

  • Black Gold Card
  • Luxury Yacht Card
  • Starlet Card
  •  Butler Card
  • Russian Diamond Card
  • Nick the Greek Card
  • Merchant Card
  • Steampunk Card
  • Bling Bling Card

Vikings Card Set List

  •  Warrior Card
  •  Fenrir Card
  • Viking Horn Card
  • Viking Queen Card
  • Golden Helmet Card
  • Thor Card
  • Olaf Card
  • Viking Gold Card
  •   Viking Heart Card

Halloween Card Set List

  • Trick or Treat Card
  • Haunted House Card
  • El Mariachi Card
  • Guard Dog Card
  • El Diablo Card
  • Catrina Card
  • Holy Grave Card
  • Jack o Lantern Card
  • Throne of Thorns Card

Coin Master All rare cards collection list

High-Level Rare

Card Name Value
Crusader 5 lettuce
Cosmic Carl 4 lettuce
Model Z 4 lettuce
Captain Nash 4 lettuce
Blizz 2 lettuce
Jolly Jasper 4 lettuce
Haunted Harriet 5 lettuce
Spooky Simon 4 lettuce
Spike 2 lettuce
The Beast 2 lettuce
Dante the devout 2 lettuce
Top knut 3 lettuce
Pig knight 10 lettuce
Knight guard 5 lettuce
Lucky Lance 5 lettuce
Scotty squire 2 lettuce
Archery Camp 10 lettuce
Golden trophy 2 lettuce
Camelot tent 2 lettuce
Catness 6 lettuce
Berly 5 lettuce
Punky 4 lettuce
Hotrod 10 lettuce
Bar hopper 5 lettuce
Other routes 66 1 lettuce

Mid High-Level Rare

Card Name Card Set Name Value
Machine heart Steampunk 4 lettuce
Little Luca Steampunk 4 lettuce
Dr. Ashtear Steampunk 3 lettuce
Stabilizer core Steampunk 3 lettuce
Amphibious Abe Supervillains 1 lettuce
Skull Island Supervillains 2 lettuce
Dr. Wicked Supervillains 3 lettuce
Mastermind Supervillains 1 lettuce
First Prize Sports 3 lettuce

High Rare

Card Name Card Set Name Value
Torero Spain 2 lettuce
Painters Palette Artist 2 lettuce
Pop art Poppa Artist 2 lettuce
Mellow Lisa Artist 2 lettuce
Barrel tank Goblins 2 lettuce
Lenny the lefty Cowboys 2 lettuce
Andromeda Space 2 lettuce
Armstrong Circus 2 lettuce

Semi High Rare

Card Name Card Set Name Value
Jovial Jade Sports 1 lettuce
Regal Richard Fairy tales 1 lettuce
Rapunzel Fairy tales 1 lettuce
Silent Shrine Spirits 1 lettuce
Fondue Switzerland 1 lettuce
Robo boot Cowboys 1 lettuce
Marble Man Artist 1 lettuce
Darlin Dolly Cowboys 1 lettuce
Martian Lettuce Sandland 3 Excalibur


Card Name Card Set Name Value
Nessie Scotland 1 excalibur
Creaky crow Baba Yaga 1 excalibur
Smoking Pipe Sherlock 1 excalibur
Kettle Mongolia 1 excalibur
Farmer Feng China 1 excalibur
Excalibur Ice Queen 1 excalibur
Portly Pete Toys 1 excalibur
Savvy Sancho Spain 1 excalibur

Low Rare

Card Name Card Set Name Value
Aztec Princess Aztecs 2 = 1 excalibur
Cleopatra Egypt 2 = 1 excalibur
Flamur the flutist Switzerland 2 = 1 excalibur
Frida Mexico 2 = 1 excalibur
Chilito Mexico 2 = 1 excalibur
Jelly Fish Ocean 4 = 1 excalibur
Holy Monk Legends 4 = 1 excalibur
Fighting Monk Robin Hood 4 = 1 excalibur
Mighty Wizard Legends 4 = 1 excalibur

How to get the rarest cards in Coin Master?

To find these cards in the game, it is important that you persevere because these usually do not come on the first try. This rare card list has been prepared by the difficult experience of other players. Chest and friend are two elements that you can’t ignore when it comes to getting these cards, but I recommend that you don’t cancel the cards that may come as a gift. The contributions you will receive from your friends will be twofold. First, you will have the option of exchanging cards to get a rare card somehow. And the second benefit is getting their advice on better card strategies.

Buy chests with in-game coins

The game gives you the option to buy the cards where they appear Three types of breasts. And although no one guarantees that you will receive a Golden Card or a “Rare Card”, the chances of buying a Gold Book are high.

Buy them from other players or Trade them

Because of the variable quality of the cards, it is important that you know what they are worth, and thus, when paying, you are not going to pay too much; You also have the potential to acquire the cards by purchasing from eBay considering the security of the product and the seller.

Through Facebook groups

Many coin master communities have been created to help each other get these cards, which is why I suggest you join one of these groups. I advise you to be careful when exchanging and consult with the administrator as it is usually more serious for this type of transaction.

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