Bobbi Anne Mcleod Cause of Death [Autopsy Report With Details]

After the recent incident of a teenage girl and a young musician, everyone is wondering about Bobbi Anne Mcleod cause of death. Throughout this article, you will come to know all information related to this fact. Also, we have included the details about formal proceedings in court. So let’s get started.

Bobbi Anne Cause of Death

Bobbi was a teenage girl from Plymouth. She was found dead in a tragic way near her home. A young boy was suspected of this and arrested after the dead body was found in Bovisand. Scroll down to learn how Bobbi Anne Mcleod died.

How Did She Die?

She was found dead in a wooded area near the beach at Bovisand. The actual death cause was not confirmed during an opening inquest last year. The name come, who murdered this teenage girl is Cody Ackland. He is a 24-year-old musician. At last, Ackland was arrested and pleaded guilty to the murder. Moreover, he admitted to murdering the teenager between November 19 and 23. Now scroll down to learn the detailed incident.

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What Happened?

Bobbie was a student and was only 18 years old. She used to live with her family in Leigham. On November 20, last year, she was set off to meet her friends. Thinking this, she left the house at about 6 pm and never came back home. When her family determined that their girl was missing, and then on the evening, she was reported missing at the police station.

Just three days later, a dead body was found in a wooden area, which was about seven miles away from where she had lived. When the information was passed to the police, they matched the dead body with the description of Bobbi-Anne given by her family. After investigation, it was confirmed that it was the body of Bobbie-Anne who was reported missing three days before. According to the source, she was last seen waiting at a bus stop in Plymouth on November 20, when she was travel to the city.

Anyway, then a boy named Cody Ackland was suspected and arrested right after the incident. He was a musician by profession and was the lead guitarist in a local indie band, Rakuda. Last Tuesday morning, Ackland pleaded his guilty and accepted that he was the murderer of the girl. All of the close family members of the girl were present in the courtroom, including her father, mother, and brother. Also, some of her close friends watched the court activities on a video link that was adjacent to the court.

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After hearing the statement, Ackland, Bobbie’s mother, Donna McLeod, was distressed and in tears during the whole hearing. But the actual death was not revealed at the short hearing at Plymouth Coroner’s Court. Then, police requested the coroner to hold her body for some more days for enquires. Cody was in custody since November 26 and will again be sentenced on May 19.

Autopsy Report of Bobbi Anne

As you have read above, the tragic death cause is yet to be disclosed. But it is confirmed that Cody attacked prolonged to the girl with a blunt instrument, and that led to her death. Then, he tried to hide Bobbie’s dead body in the woods on a lane down near the beach.


The heartbroken incident of Bobbi-Anne was really shocking to her family. We are paying out heartfelt tribute to her from our entire team.


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