Taylor Hawkins Cause of Death [Autopsy Report] How Did He Die?

Through this article, you will come to learn all information about the Taylor Hawkins cause of death. Taylor Hawking, the great drummer and musician, is no more. The complete world is now grieving the tragic and untimely death of the talented musician and drummer. The death reason has already been revealed by the medical team. Go through our comprehensive discussion to know the details.

Taylor Hawkins Cause of Death

Taylor Hawkins, the most well-known drummer for Foo Fighters, was died Friday at the age of 50. He was the most ferocious drummer and has been in this career for up to two decades. For this, he has a huge fandom worldwide. On Friday night, the band announced the shocking news of his death.

How Did He Die?

On Friday, Taylor was found dead in a hotel room at the casa Madina in Bogota. The complete fact of his death is unbelievable and shocking to his worldwide fans. From a statement, when the emergency center of the city has received a report of the patient’s chest pain at night, they sent an ambulance. They came and confirmed his death. Read through below to learn in-depth.

What Happened?

It was the time of last Friday. Taylor stayed in a hotel in Bogota, Colombia. He came here for a live performance of his band. The concert was completely set to perform with the band. It was part of a three-day festival called ‘Estereo Picnic’, where the Foo Fighters performed the main act on the first day. But unfortunately, there came the tragic news of their band hero, and they cancelled their performance.

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From a report, Taylor was found in an unresponsive condition at the hotel room in the evening. A very short time after, local officials called an ambulance informing a report of a man having severe chest pain. Health officials came and performed the respective resuscitation manoeuvres on him. But Taylor didn’t respond to the resuscitation efforts and was declared dead.

But the details cause of the death is yet to be disclosed, and they are still investigating. As soon as the death of the famous drummer has spread to the world. After hearing this shocking news, they started to pay tribute to him. His Colombian fandoms had come in front of the hotel and laid flowers outside the hotel.

Also, a huge number of people from his fans reached the venue where the Foo Fighters were due to play and started lighting candles and holding a minute’s silence. Moreover, many well-known personalities from the music and entertainment world paid tribute through their social media accounts.

Autopsy Report of Taylor Hawkins

An autopsy of this legend has already been done. The forensic experts have declared the heart weighted autopsy report of him. According to the report, the drummer had suffered a ‘cardiovascular collapse’. He was addicted to many drugs, including marijuana, heroin, and opioids.

They found a large amount of those in his body, which is weighed about 600 grams. The authority also revealed that he overdosed on heroin. On Saturday, Colombia’s Attorney General’s office (AGO) has also confirmed that there were about 10 different drugs in Hawkins’ urine. That included Marihuana, tricyclic antidepressants, and benzodiazepines.


This true legend’s death is really an irreparable loss to the entertainment world. The complete music industry will ever remember his songs and performances.  We are paying a heart tribute to this renowned and skilled drummer and musician from our team.


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