Millbrook High School Principal Cause of Death. Who is Dana King?

At the present time, everyone is wondering about the Millbrook high school principal cause of death. On April 02, her family member has informed the school authority about her ultimately death. Though her complete death reason is not revealed yet, you will find some unknown facts related to her. So, don’t miss a single word from below:

Millbrook High School Principal Cause of Death

The name of the principal of Millbrook High School was Dana King. Last Saturday morning, she passed away at her home. The death of the principal of Millbrook has brought unlimited sorrows to the teacher and students. She has always been considered an ideal there. Also, all the guardians and staff are paying their heartfelt heath condolence of her death.

How Did Dana King Die?

Dana king was served as the principal of Millbrook High School Principal for long years. According to the source, she has died on the date of April 02. Her sudden death is really shocking to the complete school community. Everyone was asking about this sudden death case. But the exact death reason is yet to be determined.

There has not been so much in-depth information surfing on social media regarding his death cause. Yet, we will give out level best to present researched specific information related to this. Scroll down to learn in detail.

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What Happened with Dana King?

Dana King has been the principal of Millbrook High School since 2003. Just four years before that, she was the principal of East Millbrook Middle School, located in Raleigh. Also, she was assigned principal to the Wake County school system as an English teacher in 1986. After so many years, he became the assistant principal at Athens Drive High School.

Anyway, it was April 02, 2022. She died at the age of only 65. On April 29, he was set to retire from the position of principal. Her unexpected death was entirely unbelievable for everyone. School employees and students are grieving their most favorable personality’s death. But there is no medical report that will disclose the reason for her death. Sebastian Ship, the assistant principal at Millbrook High School, informed the media that the grief counselors would come to the school in order to help the teacher and employees.

 Thus, all of them would cope with her death. Then, an email was sent to Wake County Public School System, stating her death news. She was a pretty cheerful personality having so many accolades. Thus, it is really tough for all to forget the finest teacher. She was always being the best instructor and advocate. Through this, everyone felt so positive and comfortable accompanying her.

Autopsy Report of the Millbrook Principle

The dead body has not been sent to the hospital for performing an autopsy. Thus there is not any clinical report that will clear out the exact reason for this death. Also, we have no further information about the funereal ceremony. We are working on it and will update soon whenever we find any. Her family has asked for space to come out from this sadness.


Millbrook School will never forget this visionary leader and her outstanding service. Through this career as a principal and a human being, she had spread a positive influence on all. Her endless dedication to the school will be ever vivid.


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