Anita Cobby Autopsy Report (Cause of Death) 2024

Anita Cobby was a beautiful lady who might easily have become a supermodel and had aspired to be at a certain stage in life. She competed in a number of fashion shows as a child. She was crowned Miss Western Suburbs beauty contest when she was 20 years old, gaining a position in the Miss Australia contest. It is an unfortunate fate for a lady like her. Anita Cobby autopsy report states that her heinous murder appalled the entire country and is regarded as one of the most heinous murders in the country’s history.

Anita Cobby Cause of Death 

Anita Lorraine Cobby, a 26-year-old Australian lady from Blacktown, New South Wales, was abducted well before 10:00 p.m. on February 2, 1986, while heading home from the Blacktown train station, then brutally raped and killed.

As per the Anita Cobby autopsy report, Cobby’s remains were located on a property in Prospect 2 days after he had been reported to the police. Enquiries resulted in the arrest of five men, who have been eventually found guilty of her kidnapping, rape, and murder on June 10, 1987, and condemned to a life without any kind of parole on June 16, 1987.

Cobby died of a slit neck after suffering many multiple stab wounds and gashes with barbwire on the night of her murder. The assassination attracted extensive publicity, outrage, and concern in the press.

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Details of the Anita Cobby Autopsy Report

Cobby was strolling solo along Newton Road in Blacktown at 10 p.m. whenever a group of five males pulled up alongside her and halted their seized white HT Holden Kingswood. As she fought and shouted, two guys sprang from the car and took her inside. Anita Cobby autopsy report stated that Cobby had already been asked to remove her clothing while inside the car on Newton Road, but she resisted, pleading with her assailants to set her free and explaining that she was wedded and bleeding.

Cobby was mercilessly pummeled, fracturing her face and both cheeks, before being forced to participate in fellatio on all 5 perpetrators. The assailants then went to a gas station and bought gas with money taken from Cobby’s handbag.

As stated in the Anita Cobby autopsy report, Cobby then was pushed down Reen Road to a remote field while still being restrained in the vehicle, assaulted multiple times, and tortured mercilessly by her five assailants. They subsequently pulled Cobby through with a chain link fence into the pasture, where they dropped her and proceeded to physically and sexually torture her for a long period.

One of the assailants, John Travers, grew anxious that Cobby would be able to recognize them as she had viewed their identities and overheard their nicknames and encouraged other assailants to murder her, according to his audio statement. Travers cut off her head, almost removing her skull, after being pushed by everyone else.

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Anita Cobby autopsy report stated over 50 prior offences included assault and robbery, assault, larceny, auto theft, trespassing, narcotic use, escape legal detention, obtaining stolen property, and rapes for the five men charged, who eventually all admitted guilt or have been acquitted of the killing. Cobby’s parents later formed the Homicide Victims’ Support Group (Aust) Inc., a local support group that assists families dealing with horrible crimes. It is unfortunate how the gruesome crime took place.


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