Tasrif Khan Biography, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Family, Girlfriend, Career, Songs & Social Activist

Tasrif Khan Biography & Net Worth

Tasrif Khan Biography, Net Worth, Wiki, Age, Family, Girlfriend, Career, Songs & Social Activist. Tasrif Khan is a Bangladeshi singer-songwriter, lyricist and composer. He was born on July 19, 1994. Tasrif Khan is the founder and lead vocalist of Kureghor Band. He is very passionate about his career. Tasrif wanted to be a cricketer since childhood. But recently he has become a vocalist in the music industry of Bangladesh. Tasrif Khan founded “Kureghor Band” on 5 January 2017 with his brother Tanjeeb Khan. Kureghar’s manager and lead guitarist and Kureghor Band’s strategic consultant and lyricist Tanvir Siddiki.

Tasrif Khan Biography

Tasrif Khan is a Bangladeshi singer-songwriter, composer and founder of Kureghor. But before all this started, he was dreaming of becoming a cricketer in the Bangladesh national cricket team. As a child, Tasrif was a fan of cricket and other outdoor sports. He spent most of his time playing cricket and other sports here and there.

After graduating from high school, Tasrif joined the Netrokona district under-16 cricket team and played there for a short time until 2014 when he discovered he had rheumatoid arthritis, a rare disease that causes excruciating joint pain. He then quit cricket and came to Dhaka to graduate from UODA. There he mingled with different friends and found another interest: music. So then Tasrif decided to find a music band: Kureghor.

Tasrif Khan Net Worth & Income

Tasrif khan earns most of his money through his YouTube channel as well as they do stage shows in different places. Tasrif’s estimated wealth is more than 3 million. His monthly income from YouTube is $70K USD. Annual income is about $200k USD. His only source of income is YouTube. He has a private car. Since his appeal as a skilled and handsome actor has not diminished in the slightest, it is to be hoped that he will achieve greater fortune in the future than in the present.

Tasrif Khan

Tasrif khan Beside The Poor Flood People

Tashrif Khan is very popular in both Bengal. His multiple songs have left a mark in the minds of common people. Seeing the suffering of the flood victims, this singer could not stay calm anymore. He made a live on Facebook pleading to help the flood victims. And from there he has collected more than one crore rupees. In an interview to a Bengali media outlet, Tashrif said, “About one crore 10 lakh taka has been raised.  He think this money will help more than 10 thousand families.

We will help the people in the flood-hit areas with rice, dry food and clothes. Help will be provided to all the flood-hit areas far from Sylhet. “Initially, we received Rs 16 lakh from the fans. It has already been delivered. I applied to stand by the flood victims. I could not have imagined that there would be such a huge response. Thank you all,” he added. In his songs, he has challenged the social system more than once. Tasrif Khan, the young singer of the ‘Kureghor’ band, is now the savior of the victims of Bangladesh. It is learned that he collected one crore rupees in one day and handed it over to the flood victims of Bangladesh.

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