Rayan Morocco Cause of Death (Autopsy Report). How Did He Die?

Nowadays, “Rayan Morocco Cause of Death” is a highlighted headline on social media news channels. The whole world is shocked and mourning the accidental death of a Moroccan boy named Rayan Awram. Thenetizens are sharing their thoughts on social media regarding this heartbreaking incident. Everyone was paying their heartfelt sympathies to his family. Follow our article to know the updates.

Rayan Morocco Cause of Death

Rayan Awram, who was a Moroccan boy, has recently died by trapping in a deep well for five days. Our today’s article is about this little angel. Here we have included the details of the incident in grief. Starting from the first day to rescue the boy, you will come to know all pieces of information. So start reading through our comprehensive article.

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How Did He Die?

The last Tuesday, Rayan was accidentally fell into a dry well which about 32 meters (100 feet) deep. The well is stated in the village of Ighrane in Chefchaouen. Just after he fell, a rescues team rushed through the spot and started their activities to rescue this little boy from the well.

But after a relentless five-day excavation operation by the rescue team, they could evacuate the boy from the well. Then the team took him to the hospital. But doctors declared him that he was dead. This is how there is a tragic end of restless rescues efforts. Now scroll down below to know the details.

What Happened?

It was the afternoon of Tuesday, February 1. Rayan was playing near the well of the Ighran village. While playing, he suddenly fell down into the deep well. But the family came to know this when they did not find the boy for long hours. They started searching, and a relative notified them about the incident.

 After that, a rescue team came to the place in order to help the boy. Rescuers have decided to carve a slope using a larger digger. They wished to reach out to the boy from the side. Besides this carving, they have send food, water, and oxygen to the boy using a camera.

The rescues have given their heart and soul efforts to get the boy out. After a massive four-day tireless trying, they could evacuate the boy but in dead. The whole world is mourning his death and pouring tribute to this incident.

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Autopsy Report of Rayan Awram

After falling into the well, the innocent little boy was trapped on its narrow wall. Though the rescues were sending food, drinks, and oxygen continuously, it is not sure that the boy was getting the food.

Also, it is not clear actually at what time he was dead. After successfully evacuating him from the well, rescuers took him in an ambulance. They took the dead body to a military hospital in Rabat. But no autopsy report was revealed officially yet.

But rescue doctors have done an initial examination of the boy and said he was suffering from brain injures inside the well. He had multiple fractures and lungs injuries as well.


This boy’s death is really a great loss not only for his family but also all over the world. We are paying deepest condolence to his family from our team. Also, we pray May Rayan Awram’s soul rest in peace. 


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