Muskan Khan Hijab Controversy (Karnataka Hijab Raw News)

Who is Bibi Muskan Khan?  

Muskan Khan Hijab Controversy is the most discussed topic ongoing in India. The controversy is related to the hijab-wearing issue for girls in their educational institutions. In this fact, a hijab-clad girl named Muskan is the main focus.

Still, if you don’t know the complete incident, our comprehensive discussion has become much more informative for you. Here you will get the viral video of Muskan as well. So, without any further delay, go through this exclusive article.

Who is Bibi Muskan Khan?   

Muskan Khan is a brave college girl who is living and studying in a college in Karnataka. She is a second-year student of BCom programmer in PES College of Arts, Science, and Commerce in Mandya. The whole social media is hailing by the name of this girl. Everyone is praising his braveness, which she shows for her religion.

On social media, a video is viral regarding this girl. In that, she seems in confronting so bravely to a Hindu far-right mob. The incident was happened outside of her college. She was coming to her institute to submit the assignment. For that, she came and parked her scooter. Right after that moment, some Hindu member has tried to heckle her as she enters the college with the hijab.

They started to interrupt the girl to enter in and raised a slogan of “Jai Sri Ram” (Hail Lord Ram) chants. At that moment, the girls have not afraid of him and start to react by raising her hand. Also, she has shouted back, “Allahu Akbar.” That was a really proud moment for all Muslim hijabis.

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 What is the Hijab Controversy?

The hijab issue has been continued for a few days ago. The issue has started by the Udupi Government Pre-University College. Last month, a group of six girls was turned out of the classroom for wearing hijab in Udupi School.

The fact has come to the main attention of Muslim girls. They started to raise their voice against this. After that, Muslim girls have banned from wearing hijabs in their schools and colleges. The college has declared that girls can wear burka or hijab on campus but into the classroom. These new rules were totally reached as rejection as hijab is an essential part of the Muslim girls’ community. They have started to argue and want to wear the hijab during their classes as well.

The incident has leveled as hijab controversy throughout India. After that, it spread to the colleges of India, and Hindu girls start wearing saffron shawls, which is a symbol of Hinduism. They have done this as a protest against Muslim girls regarding wearing hijabs.

Karnataka Hijab Raw News

When the hijab controversy has achieved national attention, the Indian state decided to shut the school and colleges for three days. Then, the news has spread internationally, and Nobel Prize-winner Malala Yousafzai came to know about this. She also raised her voice, “stop the marginalization of Muslim women.”

Finally, the matter has reached the high court. They’re some of the Muslim women who requested the judge to set up a bench when the matter is solved. The government declared to continue the classes in the normal uniform until the further decision.

Muskan Viral Video

As you have read above, a video related to a hijab girl named Muskan has been viral all over social media. In the video, it is clear that Muskan Khan was protesting alone against a mob of men with saffron shawls. She was not a single bit worrying about loneness and continued fighting bravely.

Jamiat Ulema-i-Hind has highly praised the girl for this and announced a reward of 5 lakh as encouragement. If you are searching for complete viral vireo, then you can find it from below. We have already included that:

Hijab Controversy Quotes

Hijab controversy quotes can be used as protesting words against hijab banned rules in India. If you’re looking for quotes for using against the Hijab controversy, you don’t have to go anywhere else. Here we have assembled a bunch of hijab controversy quotes for your convenience. Just have a look through below:

Hijab Controversy Quotes

Wrapping Words

Hopefully, now you have to come to know the details of the hijab controversy and Muskan Bibi.


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