Master of Computer Science (MCS) Salary

Master of Computer Science (MCS) Salary. This is a good time to enter or advance your position in the computer science field. Employer demand for versatile computer science degree holders is high, with job prospects for related high-paying jobs (product manager, software engineer, etc.). Computer science careers Individuals with a master’s degree in computer science go beyond entry-level roles to position people at the forefront of innovation in their chosen fields: senior product managers or directors, senior software engineers, systems architects, AI and MI engineers, and more.

Master of Computer Science (MCS) Salary

According to results from NACE’s Summer 2021 Salary Survey report, 2020 graduates in computer and information science disciplines earned the highest average starting salaries at the advanced degree level. Graduates with a master’s degree in computer and information science earned an average starting salary of $99,268 – the highest average starting salary at the master’s degree level. (See Figure 1.)
Those who earned a doctorate in this field earned an average of more than $130,072. Placing them at the top among doctoral degree graduates. (See Figure 2.) When these salaries are compared to the average starting salary for graduates earning a bachelor’s degree in computer and information science ($80,477). The value of going for advanced degrees is clear. The average starting salary for postgraduates in this field is 23.4% higher than that of their undergraduate counterparts. The difference swells to 61.6% when comparing the starting salaries of bachelor’s and doctoral graduates.

Salaries and Jobs for Computer Science

Whether you’ve recently graduated from an undergraduate CS program or you’re considering a career change, there are tons of opportunities in the computer science field—about a million opportunities, in fact. According to a fact sheet released by the White House, more than 50 percent of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) occupations will be in CS-related fields by 2020. That means there could be 1.4 million computer science majors Related jobs are available for people with the right training, skills and experience.
While some entry-level computer science jobs don’t require a master’s degree. Recent data suggests that professionals in the field who decide to go back to school are seeing the benefits. Of all master’s degree categories, computer science graduates are estimated to be the top earners among the most lucrative master’s degrees, topping engineering, business, and math and science.

How Much Do Masters In Computer Science Earn?

The average salary for a master’s in computer science is $101,000, according. As a comparison, the median household income in the United States is $56,516 per year.

Which Job Has Highest Salary In Computer Science?

  • Designing, building, and implementing software
  • Developing effective ways to solve computing problems
  • Devising new ways to use computers
  • Planning and managing organizational technology infrastructure.

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