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Before going through Liza Anokhina net worth, let’s talk about her income source, career & Bio. Liza Anokhina is a Russian famous YouTube star, TikTok star, social media influencer and Singer. She is from Moscow, Russia & well-known for her lip-syncing, dancing, and creative videos with excellent content. 

Liza Anokhina Birthday & Early Life

Born on April 30, 2007, in the vibrant metropolis of Moscow, Russia, Liza Anokhina’s journey to stardom began with a spark of creativity and a dream to share her unique voice with the world. From a young age, she exhibited a penchant for performance and storytelling, enchanting those around her with her natural charisma and infectious energy. As of 2024, she is now 17 years old. Her family has six people who are highly supportive of all her activities. He looks at things from a grounded and realistic point of view. Liza Anokhina currently studies in high school. At an early age, she quickly found ways of making money.

Height, Weight and Other Measurements

Physical Status

Height   5′ 4″/ 1.62 m.
Weight 50 kilograms /(110 lbs)
Eye Color  Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Skin Color Light Brown

Body Measurements

Chest 28 inches
Waist size 24 inches
Hips 30 inches
Body type Slim
Shoe (Feet) Size 7 U.S.

Professional Life

At first, Liza Anokhina posted a video on TikTok of trying on a dress of her own, which received many responses from her followers (35.8 million views and 7.1 million likes). Her other video with a Disney princess dressed and lip-syncing to a song received over 10 million likes & 50 million views. Later, Liza Anokhina started posting on online social media and networking platforms like Likee, Instagram and youTube. This way, she made her career.

Full Name Elizaveta Anokhina.
Nickname  Liza Anokhina.
Date of Birth April 30, 2007.
Birthplace Moscow, Russia.
Father Vadim Anokhina
Mother Marina Anokhina
Boyfriend None
Siblings (Brothers and Sisters) Two elder sisters and one elder brother.

Rise to Prominence on YouTube

Liza Anokhina’s ascent to fame gained momentum with her foray into the realm of YouTube, where she carved out a niche for herself as a content creator extraordinaire. Armed with little more than a camera and an insatiable appetite for adventure, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery, chronicling her experiences and insights for a burgeoning online audience.

Through her captivating vlogs, comedic sketches, and heartfelt reflections, Liza endeared herself to legions of fans, who eagerly awaited each new upload with bated breath. Her authentic approach to storytelling and unwavering authenticity struck a chord with viewers of all ages, fostering a sense of connection and camaraderie within the digital landscape.

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Liza Anokhina Net worth

As of 2022, Liza Anokhina net worth is about $1 million. Being an Instagram celebrity, she has approximately 41 posts on her @anokhina Elizabeth 2007 account and 161 posts on @anokhina Elizabeth. These accounts have 3.5 million followers & 253K followers, respectively. She gets brand deals, endorsements and sponsored posts, enabling her to make a vast amount of money from social media.

Net Worth $1 million (approx.).
Nationality Russian
Religion Christianity
Current residence Not Known
Ethnicity Multi-racial
Marital Status Unmarried
Income Source Digital Content Creator and Social Media Influencer
Zodiac Sign Taurus.
Sexual Orientation Straight
Salary in 2022 Under Review

TikTok Sensation and Global Reach

In addition to her success on YouTube, Liza Anokhina’s star continued to rise with her incursion into the world of TikTok, where she dazzled audiences with her creative prowess and infectious enthusiasm. From viral dance challenges to comedic skits and lifestyle content, she captivated millions with her signature style and undeniable charm.

With each meticulously crafted video, Liza transcended linguistic and cultural barriers, uniting fans from diverse backgrounds under the banner of shared laughter and joy. Her magnetic presence on TikTok catapulted her to international acclaim, solidifying her status as a global phenomenon in the digital sphere.

Personal life

Though Liza Anokhina is a professional Tiktok star, her goal is to keep neighbours, classmates, old friends and coworkers in touch. Now, she has over 100 million active users. She often posted fun videos on youtube with her grandmother and other family members. Her blogger friends are Karina Arakelyan, Maryana Ro, Nikita Zlatoust, Rakhim and many more with whom she shared numerous videos.

Liza Anokhina Educational Qualification

School Not known
College Not known
University  Not identified

Beyond Social Media: Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship

While her digital footprint continues to expand, Liza Anokhina’s impact extends far beyond the realms of social media. As a passionate advocate for social change and community empowerment, she has leveraged her platform to support various charitable causes and initiatives, inspiring her fans to make a positive difference in the world.

Furthermore, Liza’s entrepreneurial spirit has led her to explore diverse avenues of creativity and innovation, from fashion design to brand collaborations and beyond. As she continues to push the boundaries of possibility, her influence in the worlds of business and entertainment continues to grow, leaving an indelible imprint on the fabric of popular culture.


  • Liza Anokhina’s mother also manages her social media accounts because she is only 14 years old and has study pressure.
  • She is interested in blogging, fashion, and dance.
  • This young star does not fail to give joy to her fans with his ridiculous video on colourful hair in Tiktok.
  • She also posted makeup videos with Kira Simurina (Tiktok star, 11.8m Followers)
  • Liza Anokhina has around 99 posts & 15K followers on VK.
  • She loves pets and has an adorable dog also.

The Future of Liza Anokhina

As she embarks on the next chapter of her illustrious career, one thing remains abundantly clear: Liza Anokhina’s journey is far from over. With her unwavering passion, boundless creativity, and relentless dedication to her craft, she is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world stage for generations to come.

Whether through her captivating content, philanthropic endeavors, or entrepreneurial pursuits, Liza’s legacy as a digital pioneer and cultural icon will undoubtedly endure, inspiring countless individuals to embrace their authentic selves and pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

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