John Madden Cause of Death (Autopsy Report), How Did He Die?

The world lost a gem when they heard about John Madden cause of death. He was famous for his role as a coach and a broadcaster. His death brought a stream of grief to the sports community,

If you don’t know how this beloved man died, keep reading as we’ll discuss everything you need to know about his death.

John Madden Cause of Death

John Earl Madden dedicated his entire life as a football coach and a commenter. For his contribution, he received 16 Emmy Awards in his lifetime, which is a huge deal. He was mostly known for his career as an NFL broadcaster.

But his death was unexpected to the world. And there’s no one who can replace his place. He received a tribute from NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell himself paid the tribute.

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How Did He Die

The death of John Madden was a shock to the world, but what’s more shocking is that the reason for his death is still unknown.

John Madden died at the age of 85. He was in his home in Pleasanton, California, United States when that tragic incident took place.

Although the reason for his death was unclear, he was definitely going through some health conditions. That is a possible reason for his death. However, it’s not possible to say anything without any autopsy report.

What Happened

On day 28 December 2021, John Madden left us, and the reason for his death is not revealed by the authorities.

However, the pictures of him show clear signs of abdominal obesity. And that can lead to so many diseases that can take life.

Some of the most common diseases caused by abdominal obesity are heart failure, diabetes, etc. You can see that some of them are quite fatal, and they can easily cause death to people. And it’s a quite common cause of death as well.

There is no information that reveals the reason for his death accurately. Besides, he was pretty old when he died. And old people with abdominal obesity have a higher risk of dying of sudden heart-related issues.

But no theories can be confirmed until we get an official announcement revealing the reason for his death. So, it’s best to avoid drawing any conclusions before that.

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Autopsy Report of John Madden

The autopsy report of John Madden is not out yet. People all across the world are waiting eagerly to know what actually caused his death.

He did so much for the sports world, and no one can replace his position. And his death was clearly one of the most devastating events of 2021. If you want to get to the bottom of this mystery, there is nothing you can do other than wait for the report to come out.

Final Words

John Madden was undoubtedly one of the greatest coaches and broadcasters in America. With his death, the country lost a gem, and he will be dearly missed by the sports community.


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