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Free Fire is a bigger mobile battle royale game than PUBG Mobile and Fortnite‘s mobile version combined. It’s amassed over 450 million downloads since its release in December 2017 and grossed more than $90 million in revenue. It also won the title of the most downloaded game on iOS and Android in 2022. The most surprising thing is that in a highly competitive industry such as mobile video games. It wasn’t published by a high-profile company already famous around the world.

It was released by Garena, a Singaporean developer that’s mainly focused on the South Asian market. With its ever-growing player base, more beginners begin climbing the ladder each year. Here’s a guide to help you get started in this battle royale game.

Play Free Fire Game

 This Android emulator allows you to play your favorite mobile games on PC. Using the extra power to enhance your experience. These enhancements can vary per game. But they include improved frame-rates and resolutions. Different control formats like mouse and keyboard, macro scripts that allow you to perform more actions at once, and more.

Free Fire Wallpaper

In this guide, we’re going to detail exactly how you can play Garena Free Fire PC. How it will differ from the experience on mobile. And provide you with tips on how to make the most of the PC version. If there’s something specific that you’d like to know. You can use the following links to get to that section a lot faster too.

How to play Free Fire

Free Fire is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Garena. In Free Fire, you land on a barren island. You look for weapons and resources that increase your chances of survival and then you go on eliminating other players; you win the game if you are the last remaining survivor. In 2022, Free Fire was the most downloaded mobile game. And received the award for ‘Best Popular Vote Game’ from Google Play Store. This guide is targeted towards gamers who are new to the Free Fire game. And want to learn the game from its core basics.

How to download and install Free Fire?

Visit the Google Play Store in Android devices or the App Store in iOS devices. Search for ‘Garena Free Fire’ and click on ‘Install‘. The size of the application is around 570 MB. After installation, you will be asked to make a guest account. Or link your account via Facebook as that will save your profile in-game.


Free Fire Game modes

You can play in solo mode, duos, or in a three-player squad. The classic mode is the battle royale game, which can be played on two maps at the start of 2022. The first map that’s available to new players is Bermuda, which was the first map introduced to the game. Ranked games are only available in battle royale. Unlike in PUBG Mobile, you can’t choose the map of your ranked games they’re randomly chosen.

The other game modes rotate often and many of them are only available one day of the week. Like Rush Hour on Mondays, Spray and Pray on Thursdays, and Fully Charged on Wednesdays. This means that you can log in and see a different offer of game modes every day.

Characters and pets

Unlike Call of Duty, Mobile, weapon skins and all other customization items don’t give any bonuses that will help you win. But there are still means to get little advantages in the games with items: characters and pets.You get free characters at the start of the game, but they don’t grant any bonuses. There are several characters that you can loot in crates or buy with diamonds to get little buffs, however.

Ford, for example, can reduce damage taken outside of the safe zone up to 10 percent and Andrew can reduce vest durability loss up to 12 percent. Pets can help you in different ways. The Spirit Fox, for example, allows you to restore more health when using a health pack and Shiba will help you notice the mushrooms around you that grant time-limited bonuses. Some pets must be purchased with diamonds, but others can also be earned by farming events, like the Night Panther.


Use the Minimap to your advantage

The minimap shows any nearby players that are shooting. This should be at you, or at another player. However, the map will not only show you the location of the enemy players, but also the direction in which they are shooting. This means that you can actually sneak up behind an opponent attacking another player and take them out.

Your Reticle is your friend

One unique aspect of Garena Free Fire is that your reticle changes colour the moment an enemy is in the crosshair. This means that you can use it to ‘scan’ areas where you think an enemy may be. If it changes colour, an enemy is in your sight. You can then fire and get a few hits on the enemy.

Vehicles are your best friends

Found a vehicle early in the game? Taking it is the best option that you have to survive. Keep in mind, the vehicle should be a fully covered one and not a bike, because other players can easily take aim when you are on the latter. Take the vehicle and start moving inside of the safe zone and outside the shrink zone. If you spot an enemy, you can simply drive the car over them. Or your teammates can shoot them.

Burst fire to success

While the game has recoil, it’s not exactly reflected when firing weapons. So when you fire your gun, your reticle does not bounce around as it does in a game like PUBG Mobile, even when you’re looking down the sights. This means that you should be able to track your enemies without much difficulty. As such, all you need to do is fire in bursts to ensure good hits.

How to Play Free Fire

Know when to fire

As with any other battle royale game, it’s very important to realise that it’s not about getting the most number of kills. It’s about survival. So it’s perfectly fine to sit in a corner and wait till the end. If you have to fire, make sure that it’s either in self-defence, or you’re guaranteed a kill. As we said before, the minimap will not only give away your position but also your orientation. Remember, you could kill 48 people on the map and still lose as the other guy just needs one kill.

Final Word

Garena Free Fire is a game of characters. Choosing the right character according to your play-style can make a lot of difference in the matches. So, always choose the character that suits and complements your playing style.

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