Free Fire Advance Server OB34 APK Download Link For Android Devices

Free Fire Advance Server APK App

Free Fire Advance Server OB34 APK download link For Android devices. The free Fire OB34 update is on the next line and gamers are waiting for the upcoming features. Just a few days before the release of the patch, the developers have made the advanced server available. This unique client allows selected players to test new features. Gamers can report any bugs or issues while playing on the Free Fire OB34 Advance Server. In addition, players can win diamonds in the global version by finding bugs in this client.

Free Fire Advance Server

Garena tests the features of each free fire update on Advance Server before it is made public. This enables developers to fine-tune any feature before releasing the update to eliminate bugs and provide the best possible user experience. The APK file for the Free Fire OB34 Advance Server is now available for download from the official website. However, only a limited number of users, including activation codes, will be allowed access to this client. As a result, players follow Advanced Server sharply, with great publicity until it is available.

Free Fire Advance Server OB34 Download

With the new update that Garena Freefire has launched, users will be able to use and exploit new features in the game. These are believed to work perfectly in the official game. Talking about the purpose of the game, players / users will now be able to identify errors and bugs. Also, these bugs and errors can be reported to the authorities.

With this new feature, the official team can then work and fix bugs and errors. Ultimately, this will help the team to make the game completely bug-free At the moment, officials have made the server apk available to users. 

Free Fire Advance Server Apk

Free Fire Advance Server app builds an advanced server and provides new features specifically before releasing new updates for the global version. It helps developers with bug testing and user experience. Only a limited number of users can download the free Fire Advance Server and get the activation code. These people can play the game and report problems to developer Garena.
As a reward, such users get free diamonds. To keep players interested in the game, game developer Garena has created a system of prizes and diamonds. In addition, by solving problems, players can help manufacturers solve them. 

What is Free Fire Advance Server Apk?

FF Advance Server Apk is basically a beta version of Free Fire, which lets you enjoy some of the new features of the game first. Here you will find all the new skins, all the weapons that have not been released yet and all the customizations that will eventually be included in the standard version of the game. To play Free Fire Advance, you must first get an activation code.

To get this code, you must go to the official website (accessible via a special link) and log in with a valid email address and telephone number. It is important not to give activation codes to third parties, because each code is unique and unique. 

Free Fire Advance Server OB34 Download Latest Version

Users will try out the new features at Garena Freefire to see if the game gets a newer version. These are only supposed to work in official games. With the goal of the game, players / users will now be able to identify errors and problems. The official team can then work to fix bugs and errors using this new functionality.
Ultimately, it will help the team to bug-free the game. Server apk is now made available to users by officials. Users can now download the apk and check out the characters, weapons, pets and other features. Players will now be able to test FF Advanced Server for problems before the official release of the OB34 version.

Why Use Free Fire Advance Server APK Download?

There are many reasons to use Free Fire Advance Server APK download. One of them is that it gives you a great advantage over other players. You can use all new features before they become available to others. This app is very stable and reliable. As such, you can trust it to offer an amazing gaming experience. Moreover, it can be downloaded and used for free. You don’t have to pay anything to enjoy its features. It is also safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about your data or device while using this app.

Where can I get Free Fire Advanced Server?

After downloading the free Fire Advanced Server you have been redirected to the Garenar online platform. Login using your Facebook account. After completing the login, you will be able to access the download link. After you have completed the installation of the latest version of Advanced Server, you will be asked for an activation code.
Anyone can complete the Free Fire Advanced Server APK download, but only a few gamers accept the code. After registration, the developers review all the applications and select the selected players to test the game during development and testing. There is no other way to access the beta version of Garena Freefire.

Free Fire Advance Server List 2022

  • Indonesia Server
  • India server
  • Europe server
  • Brazil server
  • Bangladesh server
  • Taiwan Server
  • Middle East Server
  • Vietnam server
  • Mexico Sever (Free Fire-Latam)
  • Malaysia server
  • Thailand server
  • Pakistan

Free Fire Advance Server OB34 APK Download link

  • You have to visit the official Free Fire Advanced Server website. Players clicking on this link will take them directly to it.
  • Gamers should click on ‘Apk download’ option. Two different APK file download options will appear on their screen, and they have to choose the one with ‘Free Fire APK’.
  • After the download of the file is finished, gamers can enable the ‘Install from unknown source’ setting and proceed with the installation.
  • Finally, they can sign in to their accounts and enjoy the OB33 update.
  • Sign in through Facebook or Gmail on the official portal of Garena FF or Max redemption
  • Firstly Copy “ff-advance.ff.garena.com” this link and paste it on the browser.
  • FF Advance website will be opened. And you can see “LOGIN WITH FACEBOOK” Button.
  • Players have to do Login with any “Indonesia server” [recommended]. The update will be first available on Indonesia server.
  • Players can download it from any VPN from play store or on google.
    After the login the players will have to enter the details as mentioned here.
  • You can enter Any Name, Working Email ID and mobile number. After filling in all details Click on “JOIN NOW” Button.

Free fire Advanced Server Activation Code

  • 6UR4TNB82X1UY0L3
  • AZ31YM1175KPMLKM
  • 6T079BXJ93FJEXDW
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