Freddie Mercury Death Cause [Autopsy Report] What Happened?

Almost all the fandoms of Freddie have a prominent query about Freddie Mercury’s death cause. Freddie Mercury, a Queen legend was died about 30 years ago today. There has a devastating insight description shared by his partner Jim Hutton.

Freddie’s terrible death touched his world’s fans. Today, you will come to know all the information related to his death and funerals. So, stay connected with us till the end.

Freddie Mercury Death Cause

Freddie Mercury was the most renowned Queens Frontman and an iconic musician. He was always in the spotlight because of his brand. Unfortunately, in 1991, Freddie died of bronchial pneumonia, caused by complications from AIDS. At that time, he was only 45 years old. Scroll down to know the details facts about his death.

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How Did He Die?

Freddie Mercury died on 24 November at his home in Kensington. According to the source, the root cause of this death was bronchial pneumonia, which resulted from AIDS. His close friend Dave Clark, who was a group member of the famous English Rock Brand the Dave Clark Five, was presented at the time of this death.

 He informed Mercury’s family about this saddest news. His personal assistant Peter Freestone was with Mercury at the last stage of his life. He revealed detailed stories about his final days. Mercury’s earlier shocked the complete world.

Mercury was suffering from AIDS-related complications for long days. He had bronchial pneumonia, which is a subtype of pneumonia. The disease is basically an acute inflammation of the bronchi. Ultimately, the disease has inflamed patches on his lunges and destroyed the complete immune system gradually, which led to his death.

What Happened?

In 1987, Mercury came to know about the diseases in his body and started treating for his HIV-positive diagnosis. But Mercury always hid his diagnosis from the public world for years. But in the year of 1988, he started noticing visible symptoms on his body. On November 23, just a day before his death, he confirmed his AIDS diagnosis to the world.

There he added to this statement that he wanted to keep it private for protecting the privacy of those around him. This late announcement went much bitter to his fandoms. On his last day, Mercury was terribly weak and required the help of his partner Jim Hutton. Even he stopped eating and couldn’t able to walk by himself.

By this, his partner realized that Mercury was reached this life’s end-stage and took special care of him. About 12 hours ago of this death, Freddie’s bones broke, which led to horrific pain for him. All that terrible and awful details were described by Jim. Anyway, on November 24 evening, the situation reached out of handle, and Freestone called doctor, GP Gordon Atkinson. Mercury took his last breath and tragically passed away at this home after a long battling with AIDS. After this death, Atkinson was confirmed that he died of bronchial pneumonia.

Funerals of Freddie Mercury

On 27 November 1991, the funeral of the Mercury was conducted at West London Crematorium. The funeral was conducted by a Zoroastrian priest. At that time, all of his family members and about 35 close friends, including included Elton John & queen bandmates, were present there.

 Montserrat Caballe sang the Opera ‘Verdi’s D’amorsull ‘ali Rose’ at Freddie Mercury’s Funeral. Mercury’s coffin was carried into the chapel with the sounds of Aretha Franklin’s. As Freddie’s desire, he was cremated and remained buried in an undisclosed location. Mary took the ashes after the ceremony.


Freddie Mercury will always be unforgettable among us. Hopefully, we have reached enough information to you related to Freddie’s death.


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