Dr. Tasnim Jara Biography, Net Worth, Education, Husband, Family & Social Work Life Story

Dr. Tasnim Jara Biography, Net Worth, Education, Husband, Family & Social Work Life Story . Tasnim Zara is an Emergency Medicine Doctor at the National Health Service in England and a Masters student in Evidence-Based Health Care at Oxford University. He co-founded the Shohay, a start-up that aims to provide reliable healthcare information in Bengali. The Shohay started with about 2,000 followers on Facebook, most of whom were friends and family members of Tasnim.

In less than a year, about 1.5 million people follow the start-up on social media. Soon, people took it upon themselves to spread Tasnim’s messages and arrange for her videos to be played on roadside billboards, rural healthcare centers and local government offices. So far, his videos have been viewed more than 160 million minutes on social media. He currently has more than 40 videos on his YouTube channel.

Dr. Tasnim Jara Biography

Dr. Tasnim Zara is a Bangladeshi doctor. He is now a postgraduate student in evidence-based medicine at the National Health Service (NHS) in England and the University of Oxford. She is working on the mental health and well-being of international students. He is a physician and entrepreneur who works to improve public understanding of medical science. Tasnim Zara, who works as a doctor in Asaka. As a doctor and president of Aroggo, a healthcare startup in Bangladesh, and a former president of a UN youth advisory panel, he has been able to cope with the pressure. So, he asked some questions of his good relatives.


Dr. Tasnim Jara Social Activities

Dr. Tasnim Zara works as an A&E doctor at the NHS and studies evidence-based healthcare at Oxford University. As a front line physician, Tasnim regularly helps her patients make evidence-based decisions about the Covid-1 vaccine. In addition to fighting the epidemic, Tasnim made short videos in Bengali about covid and the misinformation about vaccines. So far, her health awareness video has been viewed more than 280 million times and she has gained more than 1.5 million followers on Facebook and YouTube.

To further expand, Tasnim has forged strategic partnerships with media, businesses, NGOs, faith leaders and government agencies. Business Standard named him one of the creators of the 2022 change. Tasnim has set up a health-technology startup called Shohay with the aim of disseminating reliable information on healthcare in Bengal.

Dr. Tasnim Jara Married Life

Towards the end of 2016, Bangladeshi bride Dr. Tasnim Zara was like any other bride; Looking forward to celebrating her big day, and starting a new chapter with fiance Khaled Saifullah. However, there is a way that he was very different. Tasnim has made a conscious decision to make her vows without scraps of makeup or bridal jewelry. Med-school graduates wanted to create a position against social BS and dual values, where a bride is judged by her amount of gold. He wanted to show that a bride – her own – is good enough for her wedding day. She doesn’t need a heavy lehenga or a heavy bridal set to feel ‘complete’. Tasnim added that the sari she wore on the day of her wedding reception belonged to her grandmother, which can be called a family heirloom.



Dr Tasnim Jara Covid-19 Vaccine Luminary

The UK government has recognized Dr. Tasnim Zara, a Bangladeshi doctor working in the UK’s National Health Service, as a “vaccine luminary” at the G7 Global Vaccine Confidence Summit. As part of its G7 presidency, the UK government convened the Global Vaccine Confidence Summit on Wednesday, the first such event to bring together global experts in the public and private sectors to build and maintain confidence in the vaccine.

She is Dr.Tasnim Zara, whose work as a mass educator has not only brought him widespread popularity, but also earned him the prestigious title of ‘Vaccine Luminary’ of the United Kingdom. Her continued efforts to create awareness on social media have boosted people’s confidence in the vaccine. When the vaccine was introduced in Bangladesh, a large number of people were reluctant to get the vaccine. So Zara comes forward to help the situation by providing reliable information about vaccines and unraveling the myths associated with them.

Dr. Tanim Jara YouTube Channel

Dr. Tasnim Jara have a lots of subscriber & follower in her YouTube channel. There she is uploaded lots of medical & health related videos. In her YouTube channel she has 1.09 Million subscribe in a very short time. She grow up very fast. She send a human health Sms to people. Here we give you Her YouTube Channel Link.

Dr. Tasnim Jara YouTube Channel Link : Click Here


Dr. Tasnim Jara Shohay Organization

Dr. Tasnim jara is a co founder of shohay Club. If you want then you can join Shohay Social club. Here you will get lots of Reliable health information. In this Shohay website Dr. Tasnim Jara regular updated lots of health Blogs like mother health, Diabetics, Corona Vaccine, Gastric, Pregnancy & Proper sex education. So, here we give you Shohay Website link. Visit her website & read her blogs very carefully.

Shohay Foundation Link : Click Here


Dr. Tasnim Jara Net Worth

We know that Dr. Tasnim Jara is a doctor & Entrepreneur. Her husband also a Doctor. So, they have lots of money with Endorsement. Dr Tasnim Jara is a British YouTube channel with over 890.00K subscribers. It started 5 years ago and has 52 uploaded videos. So, Doctor Tasnim Jara Net Worth or Income $3 Million Dollar.

A Short Information About Dr. Tasnim Jara Biography

Full Name Dr. Tasnim Jara
Birth Date Unknown
Birth Place London, United Kingdom
Nickname Unknown
Religion Islam
Nationality Bangladeshi
Ethnicity White
Education University of Oxford
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown
Age(as of 2022) 26 years old
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Profession Doctor & Social Worker
Active Years 2020- Present
Marital Status Married
Husband Khaled Saifullah
Salary  Unknown
Net Worth More than $3 million

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