Accidentally Low Balled My Salary

Accidentally Low Balled My Salary. The journalism industry is certainly not known for prestigious, high-paying jobs, with the exception of Anna Wintour, Anderson Cooper, Ta-Nehisi Coates, etc., of course. Take, for example, my first foray into the field: three weeks out of journalism school, I gave my first newspaper interview. The executive editor offered me the job before I left his office at a staggering $10 an hour.

I worked my way through college, and made more than that as a waitress. I politely but promptly declined that offer and hoped for the next one. This comes to $19,000 a year. I didn’t do the math to find out what it worked out per hour. Journalists, in addition to being underpaid, are notoriously bad at math. Instead, I turned down that job offer and hoped, against my better judgment, for more money.

Accidentally Low Balled My Salary

A reader recently shared a scenario that I often experience as a recruiter. After lowering his target salary in the first meeting of the job he wanted, he now realizes that he will not accept such a low salary. If you find significant differences in the role since the salary quote, use this new information to justify a better salary. Perhaps the role involves managing a larger team than originally outlined. Or you will be given fewer resources (low budget, small team). Perhaps low morale or divisional conflicts will increase political complexity.

If an offer comes in at a lower salary, you can say, “$100,000 is fair for a typical marketing manager role. Based on what we’ve discussed, this is a more complex role that [itemizes additional responsibilities and goals]. For, $120,000 more is on the line.”

If you find additional salary data points from competitors or from a role like its scope, culture, or situation share it as a reason for a salary increase. You don’t have to share the company name or the name of your source (trust me, the employer will ask). But you should say enough about the company (a Fortune 50 in the consumer products space) or the role (a marketing director spot for a similar-sized product) that the employer knows you’re serious.

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